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Types of Waves

Getting to Know the Ocean

Waves are formed due to low-pressure weather systems far out in the middle of the ocean. Much like dropping an object into a pool of water, waves spread out in a ripple-like motion and can travel for hundreds and thousands of miles before hitting land or shallow water.


Tips & Advice
Get to Know your Surfboard

All you Need to Know!

Now a surfboard isn’t quite as basic as ‘just a surfboard’. There are different parts to a surfboard, all of which serve a different purpose. We will break them down for you in this article, so you’re clued up!


How to
... Travel with Camera Gear

… 5 Tips for Travelling with Camera Gear

We caught up with professional photographer Tim Borrow as he gives us his top five tips for travelling with camera gear. Every time it comes to travelling, I have the gruelling task of packing what pretty much is my life into two bags: one hand luggage full to the brim with cameras, lenses, water housing, laptop etc and one hull luggage with my wetsuit, fins, shoes and clothes.