We are handling
the pandemic

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) affected all of us over the past few years, and dealing with it has been a big learning curve for us and the rest of the world. We want you to know that we are following government advice closely and will do our very best to continue to create a fun & safe environment for you on your surf holidays.

There are currently no COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions in place for travel within Europe.

We have plenty of space

Our surf camp is one of the most spacious camps in the campsite with the least density of guests and tents. We can space you out well and give everyone plenty of room. Our hidden chill areas around the surf camp mean that you can always find your own hammock or private spot to relax in.


Stay in a private tent  ⛺️

We are offering upgrades to private tents so that you can book your own accommodation for peace of mind ☮ for a fraction of what the cost used to be. Privacy and hygiene have never been cheaper at a surf camp.


The beaches are endless

Social distancing on land and even more social distancing at sea! If you want to walk down to find your own little wave to surf, then you have miles upon miles of options, just take your packed lunch and find your own waves. 


We are super creative 🎨

We know there are going to be changes, at least when we first open. We have a long list of great ideas and surprises waiting for you. Picnic tables all around the surf camps, our favourite forest or coastal walking routes, deals with the local bike hire, arts and crafts workshops, live music and peaceful sunsets with a cold beer.


Cleaning & sanitising stations ✨

Where deemed necessary by local authorities, we are providing hand sanitiser as well as medical grade gloves and masks. Our best advise continues to be to wash your hands regularly and to go surfing twice daily!


New & improved food service 🍽

Where restrictions don’t allow us to offer our buffet-style breakfasts, we will provide an à la carte preorder service where you choose what you’d like for breakfast and your packed lunch the night before. Our team prep your order in the morning and even deliver it to your tent door!


Supporting the local economy

We’ve adjusted our food packages, so you have the freedom and flexibility to go out to one of the many amazing local restaurants or even grab a take away pizza and bottle of wine and head to the beach. Social distancing whilst providing the locals with some much-needed support is what we think you call a win-win 🙌🏽

We will stay open late

There’s always a silver lining. In our case, it’s that our surf camps may stay open longer. Why is that an added bonus? Because the waves and weather are at their best in September and October!

Your safety
is our priority