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Surf Equipment

Essentials for surfing

Before you hit the water there is some basic equipment that you are going to need to familiarise yourself with. But don’t worry Joe here has got everything you will need and even told us a little bit about each item.

Surfboard – The most important piece of your surfing equipment. Always choose a surfboard suited to your ability level.

Fins – These provide direction and drive when surfing. Without fins we would just spin uncontrollably.

Leash – Relatively new to the surfing world, leashes keep you tied to your board for safety. It should always be the same size or longer than your surfboard.

Wetsuit – Like surfboards these vary dramatically. Wetsuits need to be thicker for colder conditions and thinner for warmer climates. The wetsuit provides added protection from bumps, reefs, cuts and the sun.

Rash Vest – These help prevent the wetsuit chafing and allow for extra comfort (and style).

Surf Wax – This disperses the water on top of the surfboard allowing our feet to stick to the board and us exercise control over the surfboard. Temperatures vary depending on water temperature.

Sun Cream – We all know what this is, use it!

Wax Comb – To roughen the surface of the wax on your board or to remove it.

Fin Key – To tighten or loosen your fins.

Choosing the right surfboard