Tips & Advice Surfboard Setup

Leash saver

That leash keeps us connected to our surfboard and is one of the most important pieces of equipment to keep us safe in that water.

To attach your leash ensure each string is not too long. Velcro your rail saver through the string ensuring the thick webbing of your leash touches the tail and rail of your surfboard and not Leash string (as shown).

Make sure you leash is the same size or bigger than your surfboard.


Removable fins are fantastic for changing the feel of your surfboard and allow us to travel easily without damaging our surfboards. When using a removable fin system be sure to not screw your fins in too tightly, this will crack the fin or cause damage to your surfboard on impact rather than the fin.

The key benefit of fins is that you can knock out a fin on a rock while surfing without damaging your whole surfboard, only needing to replace that one fin rather than a whole repair to the tale of your surfboard.

Place your fin in position with the rake (curve) of the fin and tip of the fin pointing to the rail of the surfboard. Lightly screw in your fin until the screw stops rotating then you are all set to go surfing.


There are many different types of waxing but all have the same purpose: to disperse the water from the deck of your and provide traction for our feet.

To wax a surfboard you need a hard base coat wax (we recommend Dr Zoggs Sex Wax). With the base coat draw lines from one rail to the other crossing over diagonally then take your top coat – a soft wax suited to the warmer temperature you are surfing – and apply the wax in the circular motion forming small bumps of wax on the deck of the surfboard. Don’t be shy with the amount of wax you use and wax up before every surf!

Setting up your Surfboard

Once you have everything you need to go surfing, there are a few things you need to do to get yourself ready to serve in this blog we will help you set up your leash Finn and wax in the correct most functional way.