Brand new yoga studio in El Cotillo, Fuerteventura

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to our band new Yoga Studio

2018 marks the 12th anniversary of Sami, Pablo and myself first arriving on the island paradise that is Fuerteventura. 12 years, just think! That is 12 years of teaching surfing to surf beginners and intermediate surfers all around the world. It’s kind of funny, because so much has changed, but then again so little is different… The three of us are all still crazy about surfing and passionate about teaching it. We still compete about being first in the line up, about who’s got the best style when surfing and about who can get their surf beginners standing up on their surfboards first.

But before I get carried away reminiscing about the past too much, today, I’d like to celebrate the future with our latest achievement: We are delighted to welcome you to our new Yoga Studio in El Cotillo on Fuerteventura!



You can find our new Yoga Studio on Fuerteventura just a short stroll away from El Cotillo’s beach, right between our surf house, self catering apartments and surf school. We have built this yoga studio to offer yoga lessons, personal training and surf specific fitness classes to all our surf holiday guests. Suitable for beginners all the way through to well practised yogis, we offer a range of styles including Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Acroyoga together with specialist equipment and daily tuition. Being so close to the beach in El Cotillo, there’s isn’t really a better way to start your day than with a sun salutation overlooking the ocean!

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More than just a Yoga Studio!
Below are a range of activities and courses we offer to our surf holiday guests in our brand new Yoga Studio

Ocean Fitness by Ruyman Rey

Designed to keep you in shape and work all your body. Ocean Fitness are functional training circuits mixed with water based activities in the ocean and cardio/power games on the sand will make your surfing more powerful and enhance your endurance. Ruyman Rey, 10 years on the international pro tour of Bodyboarding, one of the Canaries best waterman and licensed sport and personal trainer will be your coach, pushing you to your limits in a fun and supportive way.

Surf Emotions by Alonso Fernandez

Surf Emotions are taking the world by storm. Our very own surf Guru, Alonso Fernandez, offers sessions on surfboard simulators brought in from California to practice surfing movements and train your muscles. All outside of the water! The latest equipment combined with 54 years of experience, our Billabong sponsored veteran, Alonso, will make you stand on a surfboard for a full hour. From paddling to backhand top turns, Alfonso will give you a full breakdown of technique on the surfboard for you to implement in your next surf session. His unique technique is not only used by surf beginners to improve their surfing, but also by top surf professionals who continue to improve their skills.

Carving SURF-SKATE Skateboards 

An easy way to get around the island while improving your surfing is by carving skateboards simulating all the surfing movements. When on surf holidays with Star Surf Camps, you’ll get the chance to explore different locations and to practice your surfing technique while skating. Bliss!

When Sami, Pablo and myself first came to Fuerteventura, all we wanted was to chase waves and surf. Today, this passion for surfing and the hunt for the best waves has become so much more, but it all started on Fuerteventura.

Whatever your reasons for going on a surfing holiday, whether it’s to get a taste of the surfing culture, or to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors, to do exercise, to try something new or if you’re simply looking for a sunny winter getaway with beautiful sunsets; I can promise Fuerteventura’s got it all!


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and see for yourself what this beautiful island has in store for you.


See you for a dawny!

Joe & the Star Surf Camps Family