Which Type of Yoga Is Best for Surfing?

Yoga is the best match for a surfing holiday, that’s why in all our camps we offer lots of yoga and even have our own dedicated yoga studio at our Fuerteventura surf camp. With so many types of yoga out there, it is always hard to know which type is best for you whilst on your surf and yoga holiday to improve your time on the board. We already know that it is great for flexibility and relaxation, but what else can this thousands of years old tradition offer you on your next surf camp holiday?



Here’s a low down on each style that you will find in our camps, explained why we love them and how to complement our surfing so much!

Hatha Yoga

The mother of all yoga! The source! Hatha yoga is the oldest tradition of yoga that we can practise and dates back over 5000 years. Yoga, meaning ‘union’, is the marrying of movement, breath (pranayama) and meditation, so when you look at the meaning of Hatha (Ha – sun, tha – moon) you can understand this fully. Hatha is a slower moving class which traditionally moves through different poses whilst holding them for longer periods of time.

How does this help with surfing?
It helps to build strength in muscles and relax the mind through concentration on the breath throughout postures. It can also help you to learn patience and forgiveness within yourself as you meet new physical and mental barriers, which is essential when learning to surf on your surfing holiday.

Why we love it!
It has the perfect combination of calm and centred movement, building strength in our body ready for surfing and helps to create flexibility in areas we need too!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Creative, fluid, (sometimes) faster style offers more of a flow and is possibly one of the
more popular styles both in and out of the surf camps. Vinyasa meaning ‘movement with
breath’ is just that. Moving and flowing through different poses, this is a real dynamic
practise, awakening the body and mind with a playful feel to it.

How does it help with surfing?
Like Hatha, Vinyasa moves through poses building strength in key areas perfect for surfing
and warms up the body, sometimes to a sweat (depending on how hard and fast you want
to flow).

Why we love it!
Creative, flowing, fun! This style of class can be really energetic and the perfect way to
warm up in the morning before grabbing your board and heading down to the beach.


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Yin Yoga

Aaaaand relax…. Yin yoga couldn’t be more different to the earlier two styles. The perfect way to wind down after the perfect day at the beach surfing your heart out. Known to be a restorative and sometimes meditative practise It incorporates poses close to the ground and held for between 3-5 minutes to help you stretch out your connective tissues, working closely with the breath.

How does it help with surfing?
Surf and yoga holidays are very active holidays and what better way than stretching out at
the end of the day on a beach as the sunset goes down? This will help you the next day to not get too stiff and feel refreshed ready for your next day on the water.

Why we love it!
Restorative time to slow down is always a great way to spend an hour after your surf session and working with the breath in these poses really awakens the body in ways that you wouldn’t expect! So be prepared to feel refreshed ready for a fun night socialising with the other surf camp guests!



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See you in the water and on your mat!

Your Star Surf Camps Team