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A little while back, we published a blog with our top tips on How to Apply for a job in a surf camp. Today, we’re bringing you more helpful tips. This time, 8 common mistakes you should totally avoid when applying for your dream job at a surf camp. Good luck with your job search, everyone! 🍀

Mistakes in your applications can happen, and some will have a bigger impact on your chances of securing your dream surf camp job than others. If you really want that job at a surf camp, make sure you avoid any of the following mistakes:

1 | Never apply for multiple surf camps in one email

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, our recruitment team regularly receives emails addressed to us as well as our main competitors. And although we’re close friends with most other surf camp companies, it’s best you made us feel like we’re your one true love.

2 | Don’t copy the exact same application letter to another surf camp

Sure, we all have done it – a bit of copy-and-pasting to avoid spending hours on writing a new motivation letter. However, the time saved is really all lost again when you accidentally leave in some information that is specific to another surf camp—worst case scenario here is you forget to substitute a competitor surf camp’s name. In many cases, recruiters know the other surf camp and will have become pretty skilled at recognising a copy/paste application.

3 | Don’t apply with your friends or partner in one go

It’s totally understandable that you may want to work at the same surf camp with a bunch of your friends or with your partner, but the truth is that this is a lot less attractive for most surf camps. For starters, you might have the perfect experience for the job, but your friend or partner doesn’t. On top of that, there is more risk for the company, where if you decide to chase a different opportunity, your friends do too. Therefore, we recommend not applying with multiple people at the same time. Present yourself as a single entity. You can mention your friend/partner in your application, but also let the company know if you are still willing to work with them if your friend doesn’t get hired.

4 | Avoid open applications if you can

This point may differ from surf camp to surf camp, but once a surf camp has advertised beautiful job descriptions on their website, make sure to specify which roles you think you’d be best suited for. The recruiter doesn’t have time to go through each application and puzzle out which of the many roles could be a good fit. What works much better is you specifying your preferred/most suited role based on your experience, and if the recruiter sees you are suitable for another role instead, they will tell you!

5 | Don’t forget the attachments

This one is quite forgivable, we all do this sometimes, but it’s still best to double check you have attached everything before hitting “send”.

6 | Don’t apply without stating what motivates you

When you apply for a job, always include your motivation on why you want to work with a company, and what experience and skills make you suitable for the role. If your application letter and CV do not show this, your chances of getting the job become very slim.

7 | Avoid applying for a job of which you don’t meet the requirements

At surf camps, there are various jobs that have minimum requirements. E.g., to be a surf instructor, you have to be qualified. Or if the job is abroad, you might need to be able to get a visa. Some jobs may require you to be above a certain age or have a driving license. Of course, you can always try applying for a job if you don’t meet the expectations, but be prepared to most likely receive a no.

8 | Don’t forget to do a spellcheck

Always check if you’re applying in the right language and do a spell check to avoid unnecessary typos in your application. For most jobs, you’re not expected to be a brilliant writer, far from it. Yet your application must be easily understood, and a typo-free letter just starts your application process off right.


In a nutshell, tailor your application to the company, apply for a job that suits your experience and capabilities and always double check for typos & attachments. Good luck with your job search!  🍀


Your Star Surf Camps Team

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