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12 TOP TIPS for applying for a surf camp job

2021 is here & we are starting to look for our summer surf camp season team in our surf camps in France & Spain. Year on year, we see the number of applicants grow which is great for us as we are spoiled for choice! It does, however, make it more and more difficult for you, the applicant, to stand out from the crowds. To help you score that dream surf camp job, we have put together our TOP TIPS of things to look out for when applying for a surf camp job. Good luck with the job hunt, Everyone! 🍀

1 | Finding the Jobs out there

Knowing where to find the job adverts is a key first step in securing a job at a surf camp. Facebook groups specific to surfing, such as this Work & Surf one, online job advertisement websites and the jobs pages of specific surf camps are the places to keep your eye on when you are looking for a job at a surf camp. This is where many surf camps will inform job seekers about their current surf job openings. For our every own surf camp job opportunities, keep your 👀  peeled on our jobs page!

2 | Timing is Key

If you are applying for a summer surf camp in Europe, chances are recruitment starts as early as December, January or February! Make sure to apply in time because, before you know it, your dream position may have already filled up. Also note that many recruiters will start with recruitment and interviews for jobs with the most responsibilities or those that are hardest to fill. They will work their way down to the surf camp roles with lesser responsibilities that are easier to fill. 

3 | From the Bottom to the TOP 🔝

Working your way up might be frustrating, especially if you have previous work experience, say in a customer-facing role. However, at many surf camps, the higher positions are filled by people who have worked at surf camps before, typically in roles with less responsibilities when they started out. Of course, there are exceptions. But if you are new to the surf industry, understand that you might have to start in a job that you consider less challenging, but is essential to understanding how a surf camp operates. On the flip side, once you have a job at a surf camp, you’re motivated and over skilled, be assured that if an opportunity arises with more responsibilitiues, your manager won’t need to think twice about who to choose to fill the gap. 

4 | Know the Company

Do your research and tailor your application to make it specific to the surf company. Why do you want to work for this company and not for one of the other surf camps? Even though you’re probably hatching your bets and you’re applying for multiple surf camps — yes, we do know most of you aren’t monogamous here 😝  — make sure the company feels like they are your first choice!

5 | Know the Job Requirements

Many surf camp roles will require certain skills, availability for a minimum period or even eligibility to move to a different country for a period of time. It is your responsibility to get the facts right. Make sure you only apply for jobs that not just suit your availability and skills, but that you also “legally” qualify for. There is no bigger letdown for both you and the surf travel company when you get the job, but not the visa or work permit for the specific country.

6 | Show Decisiveness, yet Flexibility

Even though you might be interested in any role at the surf camp, we know from experience it’s generally better to apply for one (or two or three) specific roles rather than send a generic ‘I want to work with you’ open application. That’s because a) it shows you have thought about your experience and about where in the surf camp you’d add most value; b) it demonstrates your motivation for a specific role/ type of tasks; c) it makes the life of the recruiter so much easier! The balance is definitely key here: be decisive and express your top choice of role and location, but be flexible enough, so the recruiter has the freedom to consider you for a role they feel is more suitable for you. Vice versa, if you’re only interested in one specific role, especially if it’s a managerial one, make sure you convey that you’re ready to take on the responsibility.

7 | Make your Experience count

If you have worked in a surf camp before, great! Let the surf camp know where and what you did. If you have previously worked in tourism or hospitality, in roles where you are working directly with guests or customers, also a bonus! Even if you have only been a guest yourself at a surf camp, this is still worth mentioning as you have seen the experience from the guest side. Just be aware that joining a surf camp as a guest and working there can be very different experiences of course. But demonstrating that you understand this will help your application. Even if you have never worked at a surf camp, it’s important to try and share whatever relevant experience you have that crosses over into the industry of surf holidays.

8 | Be to the Point

As mentioned above, chances are you’ll be competing for a role with many other applicants. On top of that, if the surf camp has multiple locations, there will be many positions to fill, so lots of applications to sort through. Make sure your application is short and to the point. Say everything you want to say, but do it in a concise way — videos are great for that!

9 | Stand out from the Crowd

There will be many other candidates applying for the same surf camp job, so make sure your application stands out and the recruiter remembers you. Previous staff in our surf camps have done exactly that by either making their application visually interesting, sending in an application video or by including a funny anecdote. We’re serious, don’t be scared to add some personality. Surf camps generally are pretty funny places (and so is the recruitment team — at least here at Star Surf Camps)!

10 | Completing your Application

Check the job description or application form for how to apply and make sure your application is complete. This can typically include your CV, application form, application video and letter of motivation. On top of that when emailing your application, the email subject line is your first chance to make an impression. Make it count! A strong subject line can include what job and location you are applying for, for example. Should your application files be too large to send via email, share it via sharing platforms, such as Google Drive or WeTransfer. 

11 | Form isn’t just a Formality!

Make sure you apply in the right language! This is typically stated on the company’s job page. As a general rule of thumb, follow the language of the job advert. If the advert is in French, apply in French; if the advert is in English, apply in English. If you are required to speak a foreign language for the job, don’t send your application in that language as the recruiter might not speak it. There are other ways to show you speak the language! What should be a no-brainer is the final spell check before you send off your application. Although surf camps are pretty informal, a simple spell check does show that you are on top of your game and that you can present yourself well. 

12 | Be Patient

Waiting for a recruiter to get back to you can be incredibly nerve wrecking, not to mention annoying when you are trying to plan your summer. However, bear in mind that the recruiter often receives many applications and will prioritise filling roles that are difficult to fill or that need to start/ be confirmed first. Once you have received a confirmation that your application has been received, continue to be patient. In most cases someone will get back to you. Should you not receive a confirmation that your application has been received, it is totally cool to send a follow up email to find out if it’s arrived in the recipient’s mailbox.



And breath… that’s it from us! Please note that each surf camp company will have a different approach to recruitment but, generally, these 12 top tips should help you in getting your application started. Best of luck with your job search from all of here at Star Surf Camps, we hope you can secure your dream surf camp job this summer! 🍀


Your Star Surf Camps Team

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