COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
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Can I still go on surf holidays?

Yes, you can! Cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) vary significantly form country to country. Many destination authorities have introduced enhanced health measures that you should keep up to date with before travelling. We found this link really helpful:

» Travel Advise: Country by Country


What about the surf camps?

We want you to know that we are following government advice closely and will do our very best to continue to create a fun & safe environment for you in our surf camps. That’s why we have adapted our surf camps in many ways in line with government guidelines.

» COVID-proof surf camps


What about booking flights?

Airlines have been updating their policies regularly as the situation was changing. While some will provide refunds for cancelled flights, many are offering to waive fees for flights and to provide you with protection and flexibility for upcoming travel plans. We found this guide pretty helpful:

» International airlines COVID policies


Who will cover me?

If you’re planning a holiday and the unexpected happens, travel insurance coverage could protect you from hefty costs and medical bills. No one wants to be thinking of accidents or incidents while they’re on any holiday, but if the worst was to happen, the right policy can be indispensable. Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance to cover you in case of any eventualities. Before you travel, contact your insurance provider or check your insurance policy thoroughly to see how the virus could impact your cover. Lots and lots of helpful info can be found here:

» Guide on foreign travel insurance