Why Surfing Makes Us Better Humans


To those of us who have a connection to the ocean, surfing is often seen as more of a lifestyle than a sport, hence why any surfer looking to take a break from work will always search out the best waves for their next surfing holiday. There are so many positive aspects of being in the ocean and riding a wave powered by Mother Nature that have a positive impact on how we behave as human beings.

Here are 3 reasons why surfing makes us better humans:


1. Nature: 

Being in the ocean makes you appreciate what a delicate creature Pachamama (Mother Nature) really is and will always be. There are an infinite number of reasons that contribute to perfect waves and all of which relate back to the ebb and flow of the earth. It is no accident that most surfers are also environmentalists to some degree. Nowhere is the juxtaposition of human influence and natural degradation so apparent than the place where land and sea meet.

Maintaining this delicate balance becomes paramount to surfers and looking after our natural wonders is top of the list. From organising beach clean ups at our Star Surf Camps to campaigning against unsustainable fishing, the surfers’ involvement in the Earth’s future has been present since the dawn of the sport and will become more entrenched in years to come. The number of ocean protecting organisations created by surfers is growing and their hard work and impact is becoming more effective in the battle to maintain and protect our oceans.


2. Patience:

In a world of smart phones, TVs and computers, consumables have never been more readily available and instant gratification sits in the palms of our hands. However, in the world of surfing, the unpredictable nature of the ocean has meant that surfers have to deal with endless flat spells and long waits in line up. Learning to surf is also not instantaneous, it takes years of persistence and determination to even grasp the basic principles of the pop up and timing of catching a wave.  (A surf holiday to our Star Surf Camps is the perfect spot to learn these skills!)

The willingness to pursue this ability and wait for the right conditions in order to practice what you love often defines a surfer more than his or her individual capability. Impatience has no place in surfing, and the impatient will grow tired of marginal conditions and personal mistakes. Waiting and being content to wait, is a rare quality in this day and age and something we can all bring a little more into all aspects of our life.


3. Health: 

Aside from increased strength, stamina and flexibility surfing ensures that you are spending more time in the outdoors. Most people have a huge vitamin D deficiency and spending those extra hours in the sunlight will ensure you keep your levels up. The ocean has also proved to be that refreshing cure for a hangover and wash away the stresses of the day.

It’s not only physical health that can improve when in the water but our mental health. Surfing has proven to be a form of meditation and for most surfers jumping in the water after a stressful day at work gives them a form of release. Studies have also shown that sea salt, which has natural buffers in the form of essential minerals, nourishes the body with vital electrolytes. Even more interesting is the use of vibro-acoustic therapy. Simply exposing patients to rhythmic oceanic sounds has shown to slow the heart rate and release endorphins. So, if you’re hung-over or feeling down, jump in the ocean, have a paddle see how it changes your mood.


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Stay safe & take care of yourselves!

Your Star Surf Camps Team