Surfing in Fuerteventura, Europe’s Hawaii!

5 Reasons why Fuerteventura deserves to be called 'Europe’s Hawaii'

1.      Quality of Waves

Just like on Hawaii, Fuerteventura is a year-round surf destination with, predominantly, smaller waves during the summer months and big swells during late autumn and winter. The winter surf season often depends on the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean with a bigger hurricane season bringing bigger swells and waves. A variety of beaches and reefs on Fuerteventura therefore guarantees ideal surf opportunities for all surfing ability whether you’re a surf beginner, intermediate surfer or advanced ripper in search for the best barrels.

The quality of waves and water conditions are one reason why we have chosen Fuerteventura as home to our Star Surf School. Located in El Cotillo in the north of Fuerteventura, our surf school and surf holiday guests are guaranteed the best wave conditions pretty much all year round as we have easy access to the famous North Track with 270 degrees of surfable coast and an abundance of surf spots. Check out our surf holiday packages and choose your favourite, according to your personal level of surfing ability and amount of surf lessons you require when surfing on Fuerteventura with us.

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2.      Warm Weather All Year Round

It’s always sunny in El Cotillo! That’s why we consider the relationship between the Canary Islands and Europe to be very similar to that of Hawaii and the U.S. Both islands are blessed with warm weather year-round and Fuerteventura is a very popular holiday destination for Europeans just as Hawaii is for Americans. And it’s easy to see why: The island of Fuerteventura sits in the Atlantic Ocean, just over 100km off the coast of northwest Africa, and experiences weather unique to any of the other Canary Islands. Also called the island of eternal spring, Fuerteventura enjoys warm and sunny conditions and lacks the typical European seasons and annual temperature variations. Thermometers on Fuerteventura show pleasant mid-twenty degrees throughout the year and an average of more than 300 days of sunshine per year, outshining Hawaii’s Maui with an average of only 276 sunny days each year.


3.      Abundance of Surf Spots

Surfing may have been “invented” in Hawaii, however when it comes to the variety of surf spots, Fuerteventura is in no way inferior to the island in the North Pacific Ocean. Because whatever your ability of surf or your personal preference of surf spot, Fuerteventura’s got you covered! And without doubt, some of the best surf spots on Fuerteventura can be found in the north of the island which is why we have chosen El Cotillo as home to our surf house and surf school.

The famous North Track, which starts just outside the town of El Cotillo and stretches all the way to Corralejo, offers 30+ surf spots along a beautifully jagged coastline. For your surf holiday with us this means you’re not only surfing uncrowded waves, but are guaranteed to get waves whatever the wind conditions! Besides this, all the way up to El Cotillo, the west coast of Fuerteventura also offers various open, rock-strewn beaches perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers as well as sandy bottomed beach breaks ideal for learning the basics of surfing, making   Fuerteventura the perfect surfing playground for all surfing ability.

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4.      Volcanoes & Unique Landscapes

Both Hawaii and Fuerteventura are of volcanic origin which gives each island a unique landscape found nowhere else in the world – although this uniqueness is on quite opposite ends of the spectrum: While images of lush green rainforests, endless fields of farmland and vibrant colours come to mind when thinking of Hawaii, Fuerteventura’s unique landscape seems somewhat out of this world. Traversed by sand dunes, Fuerteventura is made up of miles of rocky terrain and volcanoes dot the horizon almost everywhere you look. Having El Cotillo’s turquoise lagoons with their rich and colourful marine life right outside our surf house and surf school often makes us feel like living in our very own little oasis. And as none of the volcanoes are active anymore, they offer the perfect day trip away from the surf camp with priceless views over our favourite surf spots!

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5.      Quality of Life & Hanging Loose

Another similarity between Hawaii and Fuerteventura is the cool vibe both islands are famous for. With friendly, relaxed, open-minded, happy people and shakkas all around, both islands have a flair to them unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

Once you arrive in our surf camp on Fuerteventura, you’ll feel the breeze of summery, hang loose, summer vibes. With sandy beaches, open-air bars, delicious local food and great surf, enjoy your evenings in the sun, by the swimming pool, in a hammock overlooking the ocean or the volcanoes. Here on Fuerteventura, you’ll find great vibes, cool surf company and the surf holiday you deserve!




For us, the quality of waves and the abundance of surf spots together with a sunny climate, its unique landscape and good vibes all around make Fuerteventura worthy of the title ‘Europe’s Hawaii’.

And if Fuerteventura also sounds like the perfect place for a sunny surfing holiday or winter surf getaway to you, then come and surf with us in 2016! Whether you’re traveling as a group, couple or solo surfer, we’ve got the right surf package and accommodation for you!


Surf’s Up, Stay Safe & Salty!

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