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How to embrace and share your love of music on your next surf holiday

There’s a curious connection between surfing and music. Perhaps it’s the lifestyle, perhaps it’s the people – but if you check in to any surf camp or spend long enough around surfers – someone will inevitably pull out a guitar and start strumming. Having attended countless such performances at surf hostels, campsites and beachside bonfires – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here at Star Surf Camps, we have a deep passion for music and love to see our surf camp guests sharing their musical talent. That’s why music is heavily intertwined into each of our campsite experiences, with a range of ways for guests to experience everything from mini concerts to chill acoustic sets around a hammock. If you can sing, dance or play any musical instrument you’re always welcome to share your talent or grab a beer and enjoy the performances of your fellow surfers.

Concerts on the big stage

While the big events don’t happen often, when they do – they’re epic! Over the years, we’ve brought in a variety of different musicians and artists to take over the main stage in our Moliets Camp, and play live sets for our guests.

In addition to being an awesome way to chill after a long day of surfing, these events also provide an easy way to meet other guests, and spread a great atmosphere throughout the camp. Past highlights include a week long collaboration with Boardmasters for an epic week of music, surf & unfiltered good times. If you’re looking for a great live musical experience with a chill surf camp atmosphere, look no further than any events on the big stage!

Open Mic Nights

A favourite among staff and guests alike. Every single week we run our legendary open mic nights on the small stage. Everyone is welcome to perform, and receive the accompaniment of our professional musicians. Before every open mic, we run an afternoon practice session so guests can practice with our musicians and work any of the nerves out!

With both strings and digital keyboard accompaniment available, there are almost no limitations on what guests can perform, and I have even seen on the spot duets between two guests who had never even met before. The open mic is hotly anticipated around the camp each week, especially as many of our veteran staff often perform along with the guests.

Although the weekly schedule at Star is packed with entertainment activities each night,  the open mic night is my personal favourite. It’s incredible to see the amount of unassuming talent each week, and you’ll never quite know what to expect. My highlights from last year included hearing original songs which had just recently been composed, and a haunting rendition of ‘au les champs elysees’ which got the whole crowd singing!

Wine & Cheese Night

The classiest night on the campsite. Every Sunday evening we run an intimate wine and cheese evening complete with candle-lit tables, delicious cheese platters and a choice of juicy jams, crackers and grapes. Of course, there’s also  a selection of wines for those who, like myself, are more used to Sainsbury’s own brand wines, but also for those connoisseurs amongst us who know their wine stuff!

Dressing up is encouraged, as It’s that one night of your surf holiday week where we can add a touch of class to all surf camp proceedings, by donning our finest evening shirts and listening to some live jazz music. And it’s good jazz too! Alex, who’s usually in charge of our live music, studies jazz trumpet back in Germany, and loves bringing his musical friends to delight us in the surf camp. Ain’t nothing better than sipping on some red wine while listening to Alex’s smooth jazz, guaranteed! 

The atmosphere in the surf camp is always special on these nights. It’s perfect for kicking back with your friends and sharing stories of the day’s surf. It’s also perfect for making new friends with that stranger you’re sitting across from at the table. It’s even perfect if you just want to find that comfy seat on the couch, rest your eyes and take in the sweet melodies of Alex’s trumpet.

Afternoon Chilled Acoustic Sets

One of the things I love most about surf camps is the spontaneous daily acoustic sessions. Whether it’s some guy with his guitar, or an entire group with accordions and ukuleles – there’s usually some chill music vibes to be found somewhere in the camp. 

As someone who sunk his street rep by performing in his high school choir, what I love most about these spontaneous breakout sessions is the fearlessness everyone has about chilling with strangers and sharing their talent. There’s no judgement, competitiveness or ego’s – just lots of friendly and chill vibes. So if you can rock that (insert instrument here), pack it into your suitcase! You’ll be doing everyone a favour, and playing at camp is also a great way to make friends!

Serenading the Sunset

While this is possible at both our Moliets and Oyambre surf camps, if you’d like to grab a few beers, sit on a big green hill and play through a stunning sunset – our camp in Oyambre is the place to go!

Surrounded by nature and featuring breathtaking sunsets, Oyambre is a guest favourite for nature lovers. For a truly memorable experience, join the evening walk down to see the sunset and be prepared for some chill music sessions as the group watches the sun light up the ocean. 


No self respecting, music loving surf camp is going to leave Karaoke off the list! While a little more ad hoc, Karaoke sessions on the Deluxe yoga deck can often be found throughout the summer. While it may not always provide enlightened performances, it’s guaranteed to provide a great time! 

Whether it’s a solo performance of “back streets back”, or a group rendition of “don’t wanna miss a thing” (my personal favorite) – everyone is welcome to take the stage. Having a few beers is encouraged, and one of my best memories is the entire camp murdering multiple Britney Spears songs together before heading into town for a wild night out.

Make Music With Us

No matter when you arrive or which campsite you visit, Star Surf will always be a place for music. It’s deeply interwoven into each week’s activities, and we love the incredible talent and creativity that our guests share each year. So next time you head off on a surf adventure, don’t forget to dust off that instrument and take it with you, your music will always be welcome here.


See you legends for the next jam sess 🎤✨

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