S.T.A.R.’s Easy Fitness for Surfing

Staying surf fit this summer

Keeping fit is something we all strive to do more, especially after the pandemic. Not sure how you guys fared over the past year or so during COVID, but we — well, some of us — certainly did more lounging than lunging and more netflixing than joint flexing. About time this changed!

We all know fitness is important. Period. And here at Star Surf Camps we want to help you get fit for when you next embark on a surf holiday. And if you’ve just returned from a surf trip, well, then we want to help you stay fit until your next surf adventure.

Today, we’ve put together our handy little S.T.A.R. fitness guide for surfing, a concise and easy to follow surf fitness blog to help you, your body and mind stay surfing fit.


S is for seizing your inner yogi

Surfing and yoga seem to go hand in hand these days with most surfers practising some form of yoga and most surf camps offering at least one yoga session per surf holiday week to their surf camping guests. Making sure your body is strong and properly stretched is a great way to ensure you are catching as many waves as possible.

Flexibility and core strength are two of the key elements of good physical health. Flexibility in surfing improves both your pop-up skills and your ability to turn. Core strength helps with your pop-ups and balance on your surfboard. The stronger your core, the more balanced you’ll be.

If yoga isn’t your thing, as little as just 5 – 10 minutes of stretching per day can really help keep your body and muscles healthy and will drastically help you avoid horrible injuries. Try it, it’s so easy!

Find out more about the different ways in which Yoga can help your surfing, and find poses to practice yoga at home, seizing your inner yogi.

Yoga for Surfers Blog

T is for teaming up with a buddy

Fitness can often be a lonely journey and it can sometimes be extremely hard to keep yourself motivated. If you can find a friend that wants to embark on the challenge with you this can be a really helpful tool. You can both keep each other motivated and accountable to your goals and it can also make the process fun!

Having a planned run, swim, climb, SUP or whatever you fancy with a mate is a great way to ensure you stick to a routine and it will stop you from backing out. Even if it’s just a bike ride in the evening sun, buddy up and enjoy the outdoors, you will not regret it!

A is for Appetite

Surfing is a physically demanding sport so fuelling your body efficiently and correctly is key to getting the most out of your surfing. Good and varied nutrition is essential for both the body and the mind, ensuring you consume the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats keeping everything in balance.

Healthy eating and being organised with your food is a great way to help improve and maintain your surf fitness. Ensuring you get enough protein, healthy fats, carbs, fruit and veg is a sure way of making the most out of your surf sessions. One way to make sure your diet is balanced and healthy is to prep your weekly meals. This can be done on your day off and doesn’t need to take more than a couple of hours and will really help you keep your health and fitness levels up. Of course, drinking enough water is a must! Keeping yourself hydrated is key for surfing, especially if you are lucky enough to be surfing in sunny countries.

We’ve got some great breakfast ideas for surfers that include Morning Pre-Surf Berry Smoothies and a Surfer’s Granola Bowl. Head over here for some inspiration!

Yummy Breakfast Ideas for Surfers!

R is for rest and revitalisation

Getting enough sleep can seem simply impossible at times and is something we are all striving to achieve, but is an extremely important part of keeping your body fit, healthy and surf-ready.  Most adults are advised to get between 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night – the dream!

One way you can try and achieve this much sleep is trying to get to bed earlier, if like me you are on your phone for a good hour before sleep, try reducing this, read a book or listen to a relaxing podcast instead. This will not only help your body relax and unwind, but it will more than likely help you drift off sooner.