Outdoor Yoga on your Surf Camp Holidays

Breath in fresh summer air

Take your asanas outdoors & breathe life into your yoga practice with natures best medicine.

We all know yoga is good for the soul. So why not take your asanas outdoors and breathe life into your yoga practice with natures best medicine. Views for days and fresh air in abundance. Easily done at our Star Surf Camps surf camps in France and Spain with daily yoga classes on our purpose-build wooden yoga decks and on the beach.

Shift your perspectives and step out of your routine. Let’s face it, life can be pretty repetitive. That’s probably one of the reasons we go on surfing holidays or any other kind of holidays in the first place. This repetitiveness is likely to be the reason you read this surf blog and consider taking a trip to one of our surf camps. A break from the normal routine to shake off the 9 – 5pm Monday to Friday. If you have a regular yoga practice at home, chances are it takes place inside; maybe in a yoga studio in the city or in your bedroom at home. Even something as self-rewarding and healing as yoga can become repetitive if we practice it in the same place at the same time.

By taking your daily yoga sessions outside, you are gifting yourself the chance to experience the benefits of the practice as you always do, but with a fresh pair of eyes. Your scenery changes from walls to rolling hills. Your lungs fill with fresh air. You are reminded that you have come to the mat to breathe. And although you are doing routine movements, you can allow yourself time and precious space to take your yoga practice back to being a gift to your body and mind.

When you start caring for your body on the inside, self-care will start to spread, extending to other areas of your life, too. When we begin to heal our bodies through yoga or meditation, our perspective and mindset shift. As we become kinder to ourselves, we begin to become kinder to other people and the wider world around. It can be as easy as stepping into a new space in which we practice that we soak up the medicine mother nature offers in abundance: Fresh air. Sunshine. Warmth. Combine this with movement and breathing. You will leave your mat feeling soul fed. More grounded. Perhaps lighter, brighter, connected with yourself and your environment.

You can take your yoga outside at all of the Star Surf Camps. Namaste.

The Star Surf Camps Yoga Team

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Surf Camp Oyambre, Spain


Located along the coast of Oyambre Natural Park, we have pitched our surf camp among the rolling hills of Cantabria. With a stunning mountain backdrop to one side of our surf camp and the seaside to the other, here in the north of Spain, you are spending your surf holidays in a beautiful location.

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Deluxe Camp Moliets, France


Stay in our Surf & Yoga Camp in the seaside town of Moliets-Plage on France’s Atlantic coast this summer. Learn to surf on one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines with our expert surf team and join our daily yoga schedule to practise all level yoga on our large yoga deck.

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