Meet Our New Yoga Instructor, Sophie, for Our Surf Camps in Carcans, France & Oyambre, Spain!

Body Strengthening & Mind Revitalising -


Within the last few years, Yoga has swept all ranges of surfers off their feet! After a long and active day in the water, there’s nothing better than a relaxing and revitalizing Yoga session to help you improve your balance, flexibility, core strength and surfing performance.

Today, we’d love to introduce you to the latest addition to the Star Surf Family. Meet Sophie, our lovely, free-spirited Carcans and Oyambre Yoga instructor from Australia’s beautiful East Coast, who has an enthusiastic and professional approach to practicing and teaching Yoga which makes her classes fun and accessible to both Yoga beginners and intermediates. And with our 2015 summer surf holiday season about to start, join her for an inspiring sunset course on the beautiful beaches of Carcans, France or Oyambre, Spain to see the positive effects for yourself and for your body!

“Namaste! My name is Sophie, I am a Yoga instructor from the East Coast of Australia and I will be joining the Star Surf Camps team at their Carcans and Oyambre surf camps this summer season.

For me, Yoga is all about finding that perfect harmony between mind, body & soul. I love inspiring and guiding people through their Yoga practice, taking them deeper into each Asana – and not only physically, but also on a mental and spiritual level, allowing them to feel the full benefits of each posture. My flow has Ashtanga and Vinyasa roots, but I am also very much inspired by my travels, dance, the flow of the ocean and the different Yoga teachers which have influenced me on my journey.

I am a sand magnet and a sun seeker, so you’ll often find me on the beach soaking up the sun’s rays or swimming in the ocean if I’m not teaching or practicing Yoga somewhere outside. I love travelling, learning about different cultures and ways of life along with meeting amazing new people. I love being outdoors, adventuring, exploring and finding new places. I am super excited to be joining the Star Surf Family in Carcans and Oyambre this season and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in one of the surf camps for a fantastic surf holiday season!

Love & Light

Sophie ॐ”

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