Moroccan Waves

13 incredible Moroccan Waves

Our surf camp in Morocco is located in the picturesque village of Tamraght, situated between Taghazout and Banana Village, on Morocco’s Southwest coast just north of the city of Agadir. Here, we have four surf spots in walking distance from our the surf camp (+/- 15 mins.) and many more surf spots in close driving proximity.

The true beauty of Morocco is the length and consistency of the waves and the variety of surf on our doorstep. The waves here are some of the longest in the world, most of which break over sand bottom point breaks. Just imagine a wave that lasts over 300 meters, allowing you to try 10+ turns on each wave, correct your body positioning and truly feel the difference between every board you choose to ride!

Should you want to explore further, the surf team will show you some of the many perfect waves up and down the Moroccan coastline. Within 30 minutes of our accommodation, there are over 35 waves from beginner surf spots to world class waves suited for surfing professionals!

Waves around Tamraght


  • Banana point: An easy drop, a little mellow. An excellent training wave for your next step up to Anchor Point.
  • Devil’s Rock: A fun, easy-going beach break which turns into a good little wedge on West swells.
  • Crocs: A nice little wedgy left hander at high tide.
  • K17: Perfect, fun little right hander reef/ point break.

Waves around Taghazout

  • Panoramas Beach Break: A fun and wedgy right on hightide breaking over sand. Long foams ideal beginner surfers and long and mellow right handers when the waves get big.
  • Panoramas Point Brea: Breaking about 50m away from the rocks, Panorama’s point can give the best barrels in the area when it’s good. Long, easy and hollow waves suited for intermediate to advanced surfers.
  • Hash Point: A fun beach break with a small point break to the right of the bay. Popular among the local kids after school and those too lazy to walk up or down the coast to the many other waves (hence the name).
  • Anchor Point: One of the world’s longest and most famous waves! The peak breaks in front of the rocks and can throw the occasional barrel, the middle section of the wave (500 metres) is a big open faced wall allowing for multiple turns and, when the wave hits the inside, it starts to race and barrel.
  • Anchor’s Left: A fun high tide lefthander that also breaks off the point keeping the goofy footers happy.
  • Mysteries Beach Break: Often the best beach break in the area, with lefts and rights on offer and breaking throughout the tides. Rips make it easy to get out the back and the rocks on the beach provide the perfect place to sunbathe between surfs.
  • Mysteries Reef Break: Our personal favourite wave in the area! Easy to read, not too dangerous and mechanical. Each wave breaks like the one before over a shallow reef on take-off, allowing for barrels or fast hollow drops.
  • La Source: A rock bottom wedgy reef, unpredictable and fast but certainly the best bet when the waves are small and the crowds are thin. Get the right wave here and you’ll be offered barrels, air sections and open faces all on the same wave… get the wrong wave and you get a closeout.
  • Killer Point: Named after the killer whales spotted from the cliffs (although we have never seen any). Killer’s is a long perfect point break with a reef set up further out the back for those who like a long paddle. Perfect waves and often uncrowded due to the walk.
  • Other Waves: Morocco has more waves than surfers! If you want to hire a car, our local guides can help you find empty, perfect and beautiful waves within an hour where from your accommodation. We can also tell you how to find these waves by simply using the very cheap (and fun) public transport or by joining our surf lessons and exploring with your expert surf instructor and guide.

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8 days in Moroccan surf villa with roof terrace & sea views in walking distance to 4 surf spots, incl. surf lessons or guiding, daily breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner, Yoga & day trips.

October 2023 – June 2024

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