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Everything you need to know

After last week’s positive feedback of our Moliets Surf Camp FAQs Blog, we are bringing you a handy summary of all you need to know about our Moliets Surf & Yoga Camp in France!


Question: I don’t want to party every night. Is this surf camp ok for me?

Answer: Definitely! Our Surf & Yoga Camp was designed to give our surf holiday guests a little more peace and quiet on their surf holidays. Away from our main surf camp, this is the ideal place to retreat to if you want to have a relaxing evening. Enjoy a glass of wine in one of our hammocks or finish your book on our yoga deck; the beauty of our Surf & Yoga Camps is that you have the best of both worlds.


Question: What is the average age of your Surf & Yoga Camp?

Answer: Unlike our Moliets surf camp, our Surf & Yoga Camp has a slightly higher average age with most surf holiday guests being between the ages of 25 and 35. There is definitely a more grown up feel to this surf camp.


Question: I have never done yoga before. Can I still join your Surf & Yoga Camp?

Answer: Of course! Our professional yoga teachers cater most of their sessions towards beginners, whilst offering alternatives and adaptations to moves for more advanced yogis in the group. All yoga equipment is provided. All you have to do is bring yourself!


Question: How many times a day can I do yoga?

Answer: We have yoga sessions on twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. You are also welcome to use the yoga deck throughout the day to practice yourself. We also hold some of our sessions on beach which we highly recommend you join!


Question: I would like to travel light. Do I need to bring a sleeping bag, etc?

Answer: No, you don’t. Although we do not include bedding as standard—we are still a camping surf holiday and want to keep the feel of our surf camps as authentic as possible—we do understand that space can be tight and sometimes a sleeping bag just isn’t going to fit. That’s why you can rent bedding for your surf holiday week with us for 25€ per bed.


Question: I’m not really up for surfing. Can I just do yoga?

Answer: Yes! Our Surf & Yoga Camp offers a variety of packages to suit all our surf holiday guests including our Yoga Deluxe Package for those who are not interested in surfing. You still have access to our surf equipment outside of surf lessons should you wish to catch waves in your own time.


Question: I’m travelling with 2 friends. Can 3 people share one tent?

Answer: Our Surf & Yoga Camp tents come with raised wooden beds which add a level of comfort to your surf holidays. However, that does limit the space within the tents. We are happy for you to share a tent if you don’t mind the squeeze. If you do, we will certainly make sure you and your friends’ tents are next to each other.

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