Managing a Surf Camp

Here’s what you need to know

Picture this: your alarm rings at 6am, you put on your work suit, tie your laces and leave the house to catch the 6:55 train. It’s a crowded carriage but you squeeze your way on and stand for the hour long journey. You run from the station to the office and make it to your desk with a minute to spare. Flustered and still sleepy, you grab a coffee and dread the day of meetings ahead.

Now picture this: your alarm rings at 6am, you put on your wetsuit and leave the tent barefoot to catch the 6:55 sunrise. It’s an empty line up, you paddle out and enjoy the hour of peeling waves. You cycle from the beach to the surf camp and make it to yoga with a minute to spare. Salty and refreshed, you sit down with a coffee ready for a day of meetings with the team of your dreams ✨


Need to know No.1: It takes a handful of kick-ass humans to manage a surf camp.

With the Main Camp and Deluxe Camp welcoming over 200 people per week, the Camp Manager couldn’t possibly run the place alone. To create the most memorable guest and employee experience we have a handful of heroes who form our mighty Management Team:

The Head of Teams trains and supervises a crew of teamers to prepare the Bell Tents, Tipis and Mobile-Homes ready for a new week of sandy feet and zinc-covered cheeks. Constantly keeping an eye on the day-to-day running of the surf camp, planning staff schedules and allocating tasks, the Head of Teams are the teamers’ main go-to for support and motivation. Total inspirations these two. Work hard, play hard comes to mind!

The Head of Reception coordinates a team of drivers and bookings specialists to make sure our guests arrive safe and sound with a smooth check-in process, followed by a comfortable night’s sleep knowing their surf & yoga classes have been scheduled. Always with a smile and ready to answer any questions, it’s almost impossible to catch our reception team on a bad day (maybe because there aren’t any in Moliets).

By arrival day, the Breakfast Managers will have already ordered and stocked up for the morning menu of pure adventure-fuel. With a passion for nutrition, they’ll treat us to fresh smoothies and raw energy balls on special occasions. The best part about the job? Picking up warm bread from the local boulangerie at the crack of dawn often means you’re free to head to the beach by lunch time.

The Head Chef works with a number of kitchen hands to create a variety of picnic lunches and filling dinners to satisfy those hungry bellies after a day in the ocean and hours of volleyball on the beach. Compliments to the Chef? Every-time.

Finally, the Good Vibes Manager and the Bar and Merchandise Manager collaborate with musicians and bar staff to create memorable events night after night. From wine & cheese evenings to open mic performances, the Good Vibes Manager and the Bar and Merchandise Manager are the ultimate party-planning duo. Throw in a day trip to San Sebastian and a fresh Star Surf T-shirt, it’s an experience every surf camp guest will remember you for. With this comes great responsibility to ensure the fridges are full, bus seats are filled and budgets are kept. 

Need to know No.2: “We’re all in this together”

Our Camp Manager once quoted High School Musical during a team meeting (and cringe-fully regretted it the moment the words left her lips). Although we’ll never truly know if it was the accident she claims it to be, this phrase still holds much meaning.

Every member of our Management Team plays a crucial role; without one the show would not go on. Come rain or shine, flat swells or glass, slip-ups or laughter, we will always have each other’s backs. We like to think of it as a community, one in which we both live and work side-by-side; where your friends are your neighbours, your neighbours are your colleagues and your colleagues are your family.

Need to know No.3: Unbeatable office views

Whilst the responsibility is certainly high and the day-to-day challenges are tough at times, the reward is worth every damn grain of sand that finds its way into your tent.

You’ll leave the surf camp not knowing if you’re more proud of that perfect 60 second party wave or the incredible things you accomplished with your team. Whichever it may be, you’ll without a doubt be bragging on your CV about that summer job in Moliets for years to come.

So when the busy work day comes to an end, one question remains: Will you be running to catch the train or the sunset?


Management Team Applications now open