Life of a teamer: a summer fun job!

Life of a teamer: a summer fun job!

What’s better than spending all summer in a surf camp?
Anneleen from Belgium – a lovely, sportive girl who has fun to surf and who worked with us the previous seasons in France – gives us an insight about life as a teamer: a summer surf experience.

Surf every day

“Since our camps are all located near the ocean your home is where the waves are. A surfers dream: free stay on walking distance from the beach! If you don’t have your own board you can use our equipment for free as well. You’re surrounded by surf loving people so finding a surf buddy won’t be a problem.

Dinner made for you every night

No need to waste time and money on shopping or cooking. You’re offered a healthy, energizing dinner every day to refuel your body after a busy day of surf and (a bit of) work. It’s also the main social part of the day. Every night you can have dinner with a whole new bunch of people and hear about their travels, surf experiences, etc.

Lots of new international friends

Every Saturday a new group of enthusiastic surfer dudes and dudettes arrive. A lot of opportunities to get to know people from different parts of the world, which can benefit you if, later on, you’re travelling and want to catch up with them. During a recent snowboard trip I visited my Swiss friends who I met in Fuerteventura. Their hospitality was amazing; they showed me around their beautiful city, offered me a place to sleep and treated me to some traditional Swiss food like raclette and the ‘Lindt’ chocolate bonbons. As a Belgian I know what good chocolate is by the way and I should really mention these bonbons are an orgasm in the mouth. Vice versa I showed Australian friends around my city and introduced them to the best Belgian beers and our famous waffles. I can conclude only good things come from working in an international setting.

Living in a tent

If you decide to catch up on some sleep after another crazy week, the guests might not have made the same choice and get back to the camp like drunken ninja’s early in the morning. Could be funny though if you witness how a surf coach tries to get lucky…
Since you’ll hopefully live in your tent for a while, a lot of us take the time and do the effort to fully equip their it with a bed instead of a mattress, cupboards, a couch, a bedside table, a carpet, etc. You’ll quickly forget you’re living in a tent.

Great waves, bad hangover

The surf camp is a great place to meet other social and outgoing people. That could lead to social pressure some of us find hard to resist. Having dinner together, drinking some beers, playing flipcup, going to the bar for one drink, … Before you’ve realized the sun is coming up and your bed seems more inviting than a clean off shore morning surf.

Life on a camp side

You don’t sleep in a luxury hotel with a private bathroom, but you do have your own tent, which is just the privacy you need ;-). After living in the camp for a couple of weeks, surf camp life could start to get to you; you stop wearing shoes, your feet go black, you ran out of shampoo so you don’t wash your hair anymore, your boardshorts or bikinis change color, if you’re really motivated you do laundry once a month, … BUT when you get back to civilization after having spent months in the forest you’ll surely appreciate the ‘luxury’ of having a hot shower and a private toilet nearby.

Conclusion: perfect job for surfboys and –girls who can smile, tidy and love being social. You work a little to surf and party a lot!”

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