We’re Proud to Be Introducing a New Partner in 2015!

We are very pleased to announce that, in 2015, we’ll be working with a wonderful new partner, “Jugendwerk der AWO”, who is running two summer surf trips to our activity surf camp in Santander, Spain.

“Jugendwerk der AWO” is an independent children’s and youth organization from southern Germany. The non-profit organization is known to provide children and young adults with the opportunity to take part in camps, youth exchanges, seminars, working groups and other campaigns.


We’re very much looking forward to welcoming their youth club to our lovely camp in Santander, Spain!


To find out more about the trips schedule of “Jugendwerk der AWO” 

and the wonderful work they do, please follow the links below:

 07. 08. 2015 – 19. 08. 2015 & 27. 08. 2015 – 08. 09. 2015


And click here for more information on our Star Surf

 Activity Surf Camp in Santander, Spain.