Introducing Surfawhile

Meet the Dutch Legends

We first met Olmo and his team in 2017 and, since then, our partnership has become so much more than just a business relationship. We can say, hand on heart, these Dutch legends have become real friends in the industry. Below, Olmo is introducing his business venture, SurfaWhile.

My name is Olmo and I’m the co-founder of SurfaWhile, a travel agency from the Netherlands that solely focusses on promoting surf holidays. It’s our aim to find the right surf camp for each of our clients and, to us, it’s vital to maintain a solid and personal relationship with our partners. Star Surf Camps are one of our closest partners, and we have already been working together successfully for many years.

It must have been 2017 when we got in touch with the owners Sami and Joe through email and, after having had a couple of online meetings, we decided to work together. To us it’s vital to decide whether a (potential) partner has the same values as us, besides – obviously – a high standard of quality as we find that very important. For the 2017 season, we started offering Star Surf Camps’ surf camps in Moliets and Oyambre, and it felt good to us right away, having these surf camps being featured on our website. 

During the summer of 2017, we visited both Star Surf Camp Moliets and Oyambre for the first time, and we were warmly greeted by Sami – which made our arrival even more comfortable. First of all, the surf camp in France was looking great, but the way Sami made sure we really felt home was even better. To us, it came clear right away that he was embodying an important value at Star Surf Camps, a value that says: “everyone is welcome here and everyone should feel at home”. The fact that Sami spends his summers in Moliets is another great example of how Star Surf Camps make sure the standards of quality are being met. 

Throughout the years, we have worked alongside Star Surf Camps with a lot of pleasure, and we are looking forward to many more successful years to come. The personal relationship with Sami, whom we are in touch with on a continuous basis, is very valuable to us and this is a way how they distinguish themselves from many other surf camps. Through our brands, Errant Surf Travel and SurfaWhile, we keep working hard on our goal to finding the surf camps that best fits what our clients are looking for and it’s clear that everyone looking for a surf holiday experience where they will be warmly welcomed and where they can really feel at home, Star Surf Camps are among the places where that is most likely most happy. This we really tried to communicate through the page we wrote on Star Surf Camp Moliets.


I leave you with the below pic of myself and Hans, my business partner, joining one of Star Surf Camps’ surf lessons on Fuerteventura??

Take care & stay safe everyone,

Olmo van Beurden
SurfaWhile – Let’s go SurfaWhile!