Star Surf Camps’ Interview with Pro-surfer Marlon Lipke!


Q: Marlon, we’ve recently started working together on some of your new company’s products. “JAM Traction” has started to transfer the production of surfing accessories, such as leashes, to Europe and is becoming more and more environmentally friendly and green. Can you tell us a little more about your company and your products?

A: Yeah, we were really stoked to team up with you guys from Star Surf Camps! “Jam Traction” is a dream come true. With it, basically, we’re trying to pass on the surfing spirit we’ve been living the past few years while not forgetting the importance of performance and technique involved in producing surf gear. We’re aiming at transferring our production side of the company to Europe in order to reduce the products carbon footprint and to make our products more environmentally friendly. Of course, this is a step-by-step process and we’re also still producing in China. However, we’ve set the wheel in motion by producing leash cords in Europe that are made from recycled material and that are recyclable themselves, and we hope to add many more products in the future. 

At the moment, there are many surf companies from the US or Australia that are really popular here in Europe. With “Jam Traction”, we’re trying to become the first European brand to break this line. We know it’s not going to be easy to establish new surf company among other strong competitors from overseas, but we’re confident that our European, environmentally-friendly products together with our new and innovative approach to surf gear can break into the market.

Q: This all sounds great, Marlon! We, as well as many of our surf holiday guests, have been following you for many years now in your WQS surfing career and, of course, on the WCT Tour. With such a busy surfing schedule, you’re still on top of the sport and flying from event to event. How do you combine business with surf events and travels?

A: Well, I feel like I do still get quite some time to concentrate on other things in life. The trick is simply to not mix things up when you shouldn’t. I’ve realized a long time ago that it doesn’t help me when I’ve got my head stressed with work while I’m getting ready for a heat. It’s happened to me a couple of times in the beginning of my surfing career, but now I’ve learned to only focus on one thing at a time and to separate the two. What does help me is that I still really, really love doing what I’m doing, whether it’s surfing or business. And I think if you have a true passion for something, things always work out.

Q: It’s great to hear that you’re still enjoying what you’re doing! You’ve visited our surf camps in France a few times and also came out to our surf school in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, where we teach many beginners from all around the world the art and lifestyle of surfing. Considering the rising popularity and growth of the industry with many newcomers to the sport each year, what message would you like to pass on to your fans in terms of surfing and surf travel?

A: Yes, I did, and I always had a great time on my visits to your surf camps! In terms of travelling, I think, it’s really important to show respect to a new place you go to and the people there. If you do that, most of the time, you’re welcomed with open arms. And as far as the popularity of surfing goes, I know some people who think the sport is growing too much too quickly. For my part, I’m really excited that more and more people discover their love for surfing. It’s such a great sport and I’ve always tried to pass on my passion for surfing to others. That’s why my message to everyone out there is, do what you love and enjoy it while you can!

Q: That’s great, Marlon! Thank you so much and much luck for all your future events and the development of your new company, JAM. We’re really looking forward to working with you and turning this world into a greener place!

A: Thanks guys! I’m very happy to have you on board for this. Let’s keep the dream alive!