How Clean are the Waves you Love Surfing so much Really?

For us surfers, nothing gets better than the feeling of catching that perfect, clean wave. But the question is how clean are the waves we love surfing so much actually?
With the rising flood of plastic pollution reaching its own tideline, are we prepared to take on the task of a global beach clean.

Perched in the pine tree forest of Moliets-et-Maa, Star Surf Camps runs an international surf camp based on the South West coast of France. Renowned for both their professional and enthusiastic approach to teaching the ways of surfing, the relaxed atmosphere of the camp is a popular choice for people wanting to experience the surf lifestyle. Only a stone’s throw away from the beach, Moliets is home to the perfect wave conditions for those wanting to either learn to surf or wanting to improve their existing skills. However, the dumping of plastic bottles, ghost fishing gear and even old wetsuits boots don’t escape being washed up on this coastline. Joe Hobson, UK Founder of Star Surf Camps, commented, “The presence of plastic on our beaches and coastlines is a good thing. It allows us to reflects on how we as humans are impacting the environment and why there needs to be a change. At least when washed up on our beaches, we are able to collect it during beach cleans and correctly dispose of it.”


In the effort to reduce their own plastic footprint, Star Surf Camps have stopped the use of plastic water bottles on site and are encouraging guests to bring refillable bottles, with access to water taps available around the camp, saving on thousands of plastic bottles each year. As part of the camp experience, guests are also invited to join in with regular beach cleans alongside the Star Surf Camps team. Despite these efforts, further action is needed to educate in regards to microplastics and the dangerous impact that single use plastics have on our oceans. Joe Hobson adds, “Moving forward, we are happy to announce that Star Surf Camps are supporting and working with The Plastic Project. We believe this partnership will enable us to gain the tools and knowledge needed to continue our work in looking after our local environment and oceans, with the greater impact of educating our guests, in the hope that they leave us with a lasting impression of change.”



The Plastic Project is a dedicated group of core photographers, filmmakers and athletes from across the surfing industry and the world of adventure. Led by the award winning British surf photographer Tim Nunn, they are uniting the outdoor sport world to lead the charge to educate how plastic pollution is damaging the world we live in. “Our focus,” says Tim Nunn, “is on education at all levels, from the youngest groms in preschool up to college students and beyond. We as a collective are in a unique position to document the damage being done to our planet, from the remotest beaches to the wildest mountains, and we have the tales to inspire people to want to get out and take care of our planet.” Commenting on the partnership between the project and Star Surf Camps. Tim adds that “it’s great to have Star Surf Camps on board as a partner with The Plastic Project. Working with a company that is on the beaches of Europe and beyond every day, surfing with both experienced and new surfers is really valuable for helping to spread the word about the threat our oceans face, as well as sharing a passion for surfing and our environment.”


Leading the way within the surf travel industry, Star Surf Camps will be holding sustainable surf/ environmental workshops at their surf camps in France and Spain during this summer, with the vision of plastic free surf camps and surfing holidays in the future. The positives of finding plastic pollution, such as plastics and microplastics on our coastlines, supports the need for change and how we as a surfing community can work alongside organisations like The Plastic Project, collaborating to safeguard our oceans, educate and with the hope of riding a cleaner kind of wave in the future.


We’d love to hear from you & how you are contributing to the vision of plastic free coastlines and oceans. Get in touch with us and share your passion!


Keep Surfing,

Your Star Surf Camps Team