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Our friends from Surfers Against Sewage are calling on the UK Government to end sewage pollution and guarantee safe-seas all year round. To ensure the health and wellbeing of the public and help save the Ocean they want:

👉🏽 An enhanced water-quality testing regime
👉🏽 World-leading water quality legislation
👉🏽 Nature-based solutions to sewage pollution

👉🏽 Sign the petition today to make sure all of their demands are met. It’s time to come together as #GenerationSea and #EndSewagePollution.


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Why is this important?

Despite years of investment, sewage and agricultural pollution still plague rivers and oceans.

Evidence shows that we have a system that willfully ignores the worst pollution events in our country. Water companies continue to legally pollute UK waters, exposing all-water users, as well as our delicate Ocean ecosystems to harm. Consequently, our water quality remains at the same dire level as it was in the 1990s, placing the UK a pitiful 25th out of 30 EU countries for coastal water quality. And it’s not just the ocean, rivers are also struggling under the pressure – just 14% meet good environmental standards. These natural spaces are crucial for the health and wellbeing of society and should be highly protected, not used as a dumping ground for big business.

This disgraceful reality is made even more significant at present while the transmission of COVID-19 from raw sewage is unknown and the 2020 testing program has been abandoned.

The Secretary of State, George Eustice, has the power to make the change and needs to hear this message. It is time for the Government to end sewage pollution to protect UK waters and restore the rivers and ocean.

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Join SAS & 35,000 people in the fight to end sewage pollution

Hugo Tagholm, CEO at Surfers Against Sewage, had this to say earlier today:

After 30 years of campaigning for the improvement of water quality in our country, it has been devastating to learn that the environmental performance of water companies has deteriorated for the second year running, the worst result since 2011. We now also know that only 16% of rivers meet ‘good ecological status’ with all rivers failing to meet chemical test requirements, suggesting significant sewage pollution.

This is simply unacceptable.

The lack of progress makes me even more determined to ensure our demands are heard by the government. And I am happy to report, they are listening. 

With your voice, our message will go even further and the government will be more likely to take action. The #EndSewagePollution petition closes tomorrow so this is the last chance to add your name to help restore our blue spaces and ensure the wellbeing of all water-users.

Thank you for your support.

👉🏽 Sign the petition today


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