Friday Night Fancy Dress Party Ideas

What to wear in Moliets?

With 10 years experience running surf camps across the best beaches in Europe, here at Star Surf Camps we know exactly how to make your summer dreams a reality. So, if you like the sound of surfing perfect waves, fun & experienced coaches, camping in beautiful bell tents, feasting on great food, chilling on the beach, unwinding with a yoga session and enjoying good summer vibes a surf camp, then look no further! We are the only truly international surf camp with a warm atmosphere ideal for groups and solo surfers alike. Now sprinkle a little Star Surf Camps MAGIC on top and, voila, you’re there!


What we mean by MAGIC? Well, Friday nights are probably one of the most magical and fun nights in our Moliets surf camp. After an epic week surfing, sunshine, good food and new friends, it’s time to end your surf holiday week with a bang, a FANCY DRESS KINDA BANG! We end each surf camp week with a Friday night Fancy Dress Party. Each surf camp week has a differnt theme, obviously! It’s a great chance to channel your inner creative and let loose before you have to say goodbye to the forest and return to the real world. In case you are stuck for some ideas, we have put together this helpful blog with some of our suggestions of what you can dress up as. 


👽 👽 👽  Outer space 👽 👽 👽

on Friday, 02.08.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

We’re thinking Alien, the moon, a rocket or Neil Armstrong and LOTS, LOTS, LOTS of GLITTER!



🦁 🐘 🐯SAFARI  🐯 🐘 🦁 

on Friday, 09.08.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

Anything animal is always a good go to. Face paint will make your life quite easy, we think. The “natural look” is always a favourite among some surf holiday guests!


Moliets Surf Camp Blog Friday Nights - Jungle


🃏♥️♣️♦️♠️ CASINO  🃏♥️♣️♦️♠️

on Friday, 16.08.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

We’ve had surf holiday guests dressing up as playing cards before or even dice! We like the idea of a card dealer. A swagger shirt will do as well amd makes for a great group outfit!


Team Groups Hawaii Shirt Party Guys Blokes Stoked Beer Fun Good Times 1500 x 1000


📻 📻 📻 THE 80s 📻 📻 📻 

on Friday, 23.08.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

Ahh, the 80s. Bad haircuts, shoulder pads and power suits! As long as its colourful and out there, you simply cannot get this night’s theme wrong! Think Cher. Prince, Madonna, Sandy and Danny from Greece or Top Gun!



🌱 🌲 🌳 🌴 🌵 ENTCHANTED FOREST 🌱 🌲 🌳 🌴 🌵

on Friday, 30.08.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

Initial ideas were Peter Pan, Tinkerbell or any of the Lost Boys! But we love creativity, so woodland fairy, tree top or mushroom also came up during our brainstorm.


Teen Surf Camp 2018 Oyambre Santander Spain Surfing Holidays Gallery 11  


on Friday, 06.09.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

A classic. Weird and wonderful and set in a magical land. Our team’s initial ideas were Queen of hearts, Mad hatter (of course!) and Tweedle-dee and Tweedle dum for all couples, ha! A rabbit would also be pretty cool!




on Friday, 13.09.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

The ultimate WEAR-WHATEVER-YOU-FEEL- LIKE THEME. Anythings goes during a masked ball from Ninja Turtles and 🗡️ Zorro 🗡️ not so mystery and secrecy sun glasses looks.


Moliets Surf Camp Blog Friday Nights - Superheros & Villains


🐮🐂🐄 🐷🐖 FARM YARD 🐮🐂🐄 🐷🐖

on Friday, 20.09.2019 in our Moliets Surf Camp

Yes, you read that right. Finishing the season on a country note! Were thinking flannel shirts for farmers, pigs, cows, sheep or even a tractor. 




Get creative, guys! Friday night parties are a fun way to wave goodbye to a fantastic surf holiday week without taking yourselves too seriously. Our Moliets surf camp team is always on the forefront when it comes to dressing up, so do expect some out there costumes! I repeat myself when I say that Moliets truly is a magical, colourful and international place. We cannot wait to fancy dress wit you there!


Much love,

Your Star Surf Camps Team