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The story behind our ‘Tabins’


We’ve only ever changed our surf camp tents twice in the 10 year history of Star Surf Camps. Twice! That’s why, for our new tents, firstly, we wanted a surf camp tent design that would wow all our surf holiday guests. And, secondly, we wanted a sustainable option that would last through more than just one season of early season storms and downpours and scorching hot summer days. Why? Well, because now more so than ever, sustainability is and should be on every company’s radar. 


We spent a long time searching for quality tent designs that were both luxurious and long-lasting. But, guess what? There was nothing out there! Nada. Zero. So, we thought to ourselves, wait a minute! Why don’t we design our own? And that’s exactly what we did! We set off with the knowledge of more than 10 years of running surf camps and the feedback from thousands of surf holiday guests to create a tent that would look great, homely and, of course, be durable. 



A lockdown eternity later

And we have ended up with a tent that is far beyond our initial expectations. Even calling it a “tent” doesn’t do the design justice. They are somewhere between a tent and a cabin, they’re ‘Tabins’!


Sticking to our sustainable ethos, the frame and flooring are constructed from locally sourced pine wood that is then fine sanded to give it a very smooth and satisfying feel. All tabins come with power sockets, atmospheric festoon lighting around the exterior and cosy fairy lighting on the inside, creating a super warm and cosy feel. For added privacy and comfort each tent has a private porch decking area and plenty of space underneath it to store your surf equipment.


Having our tabins look amazing is all well and good, but what’s crucial is their functionality, and we’ve made sure we include all the trimmings in our design. Each tabin and decking are custom-fitted with an overlap that wraps over and around the wooden flooring for a snug fit at the base to ensure rain stays out and you dry inside. There are power inlets at the back of each tabin for all your electronic devices, plus mesh pocket pouches by the bed to store your valuables. Our tabins will fit even the tallest of surfers with a 3 metre (!!) head height which adds a super spacious feel and keeps the tabins cool on those hot summer days. We have also added heavy duty mosquito nettings at the rear windows and inside the tent door for bug protection and a cool breeze. Our tabins can be set up as twins with two single beds for you and a friend or for couples with one double bed. And whilst our surf camps are very safe, guest feedback has shown that you want to be able to lock up your home away from home after yourself. That’s why our heavy duty tabin door zips are designed to lock together with your average suitcase padlock, easy!



So, here we are now more than 10 years into running surf camps with what we’d confidently call the best surf camp tents that are not tents currently on the market. We still won’t call ourselves “glamping”, because we’re way too fun for that!

We just know you are going to love these new additions to our surf camp & we can’t wait for your feedback once you’ve slept in them. They will be available to book in our Moliets deluxe surf camp, in our Moliets main camp and our Oyambre surf camp.


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Sami & the Star Surf Camps Team