Eva’s Yoga Retreat in Moliets

Embarking on a Yoga retreat at Star Surf Camps

A Yoga retreat is the perfect trip to get you away from home and immerse into an environment built for wellness.

Our Yoga teacher Eva is running her own private retreat at our Deluxe Camp in Moliets every year. Eva has created The Recharge Retreat with her cousin Marie: five days to reconnect withyYourself and Nature through the practice of Yoga and surfing. A real kick-starter to change your state of mind, regain self-confidence and come back soothed.

The Recharge Club is bringing together like-minded people who are willing to start a journey of inner-exploration and learn more about transformative methods of Self-healing.

Why a Yoga Retreat?

The purpose of a retreat is to allow you to deepen your existing practice or explore the Yoga practice without the distractions of life. Yoga retreats are temporary breaks from daily routine. You are fully immersed in the surrounding Nature to enjoy a period of rest and relaxation in a quiet environment.

Find Balance in a healthy Lifestyle

Besides combining different yoga styles in a retreat, our yoga package also offers to explore new disciplines or activities, and combine yoga with surfing and special wellness elements, such as a massage or Reiki treatment. 

A yoga retreat is designed to improve your yoga practice, health, and overall wellness. Food is a huge element in this and that is why the retreat offers fresh, local, and home-cooked meals, and are heavily investing in the fuel you’ll need to recharge your body.

What is the itinerary for the week?

?  Sunrise ?   wake up at first light & sip your morning tea

8:30 am ??   First Yoga Flow & Meditation practice

10:00 am ?   Brunch 

from 11:30 am ?    Surfing session & Free Time for Wellness Treatment or any other activity 

5:30 pm ??   Second Restorative Yoga & Meditation practice

7:30 pm ?   Dinner 

Sunset ?   walk to the beach  & catch the view 


How can I get involved? 

Contact Eva by email directly!