Essential Pack List
for your next Surf Camp Holidays

Taking the Stress out of Packing for your Surf Camp Holidays

You’re going surf camping? Great! If this is the first time you’re coming to a surf camp, you’ve got plenty of fun to look forward to, trust us! Evenings at the beach watching sunsets, jam sessions at dawn, chilled surf movie and quiz nights, drinking and partying, beach games, relaxing in the sun and yoga, lots of surfing in great company, meeting like-minded people, the list goes on…

But, as they say, preparation is key. That’s certainly true when packing for surf camp holidays. How much is too much? And how little is not enough? We are taking a look at the essential items on every surf camper’s pack list.


1 | THE BAG. Getting there as hassle-free as possible…

… starts with choosing the right type of bag to take to your surf camp’s destination. Consider how you’re traveling to the surf camp. By bus or public transport, by car, plane or maybe ferry? Whichever is your chosen mode of transport, it’s worth considering to start your surf holidays off right! Depending on how long you’re going on surf holiday for and where to will determine which bag is right for your surf trip. If your travels involve lots of walking and carrying your bag, you might want something with straps to carry on your back. 

Star Surf Camps’ Luggage Tip: Always a good tip is also to consider the surf camp “terrain”. If it’s sandy, avoid suitcases. We’ve been there, it’s not fun, believe us. Our bag recommendation for your next surf holidays would be a large duffle bag or weekender, potentially a wheeled backpack or a travel pack.

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2 | THE TENT. Being as comfy as possible while surf camping…

… let’s not beat around the bush: It’s camping and to be comfortable, you need a few essential items. Here at Star Surf Camps, we are taking on a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to. We are providing tents and mattresses during your surf camp stary which saves you a lot of dragging oversized luggage as well as plenty of huffing and puffing and awkwardness when getting on and off a plane. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow. If you want to carry even less, we now offer a duvet and bedding options. Saaay whaaaat! If you’re bringing your fav PJs is totally up to you, but if you’re going surf camping and are a light sleeper, you might want to consider bringing earplugs and a sleeping mask. You tent will likely be a little stroll away from the nearest sanitary block, so consider a torch, lantern or head lamp (plus extra batteries)!

Star Surf Camps’ Ultimate Tent Tip: Be sure to research the nighttime temperatures of your surf holiday destination for the time of your travels before you go on surf camping holidays. Yes, even if you’re going in the summer. The days might be hot, but nights sure can get chilly, especially in a tent. If there is something we have learned during 10 years of delivering surf holidays, it’s that being warm and cozy after a long day out and about makes all the difference, believe us!

Summer 2019 | Santander Surf Camp Spain | 900x600 Tent with Bedding


3 | The Day-to-Day Essentials.

Your good night’s sleep is sorted. Now onto the daytime surf camping essentials.

Feeding yourself… We do the hard part for you which is preparing and serving the food. All you need to worry about on your surf camp holidays is bringing something you can eat off and with. So, don’t forget a plate, mug and cutlery. We always recommend bringing reusable tableware as it’s much more environmentally friendly. At breakfast in our surf camps, you can also grab a packed lunch for which we recommend bringing a tupperware or lunch box. 

Staying hydrated… You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors when on surfing holidays, so staying hydrated is essential, especially when summer temperatures soar into the high 30s. You don’t want to forget a water carrier or jerry can take to the beach!
Daytime Chilling… There’s plenty of things on every surf camp’s entertainment schedule. However, there’ll be times when you just want to chill out, sunbathe or lounge in one of your surf camps’ hammocks. Bring a book or puzzle book, audiobook or deck of cards if you’re feeling social. Headphones, phone/ camera chargers are definitely in the 21st century, even when going on surfing holidays!

Star Surf Camps’ Ultimate  Day-to-Day Essentials Tip: 2 words. Travel adapter.

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3 | Wearables. Let the fun begin…

It’s just so tempting to simply put all your summer clothes in your surf holiday travel bag and be done. Sure, let future surf camp self decide what to wear and when. Easy, but not quite realistic. Let’s break up a typical surf camp day, and see what essential wearables we – realistically – need.

The morning… starts with yoga and brekkie. You need something sporty and comfortable for your morning stretches on our Yoga deck. T-Shirt for the boys, top for the girls, shorts and/or legging. Plus a zip hoodie in case it’s still a bit chilly. If you’re new to the surf camp, after your yoga session, wander over to our breakfast area for a cuppa and snack in your workout clothes. How this morning’s Yoga session went is always a talking point. Double win.

Surfing & the beach… we provide all surf equipment during your surfing holidays, this includes your surfboard, leash and wetsuit. All you need to bring is something to wear underneath your wetsuit. Boardshorts for the boys, swimsuits or bikinis for the girls. Two pairs should do you nicely, plus your beach accessories, such as hat or cap, sunnies, towel and sunscreen. A top tip especially for girls, avoid bathing costumes with knots or ties in the front. Although they might look nice, they can leave nasty bruises when paddling on your surfboard! 

Post-beach attire… After a long day surfing on the beach and a freshen-up in the shower, it’s dinner time. Dinners in our surf camps are a casual affair. Shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, sneakers or flip flops, anything you want goes. On “Eat Out” nights, that’s evenings where you get to explore the local cuisine and restaurants, you might want something a little smarter. Most restaurants in close proximity to our surf camp are used to regular surf camp customers and won’t mind sandy feet. It can get chilly after 9ish, so some of you might want a jumper or light jacket for later in the evenings.

Surf camp fun & going out… There’s so much going on during your surf holidays. Evenings at the beach watching sunsets, jam sessions at dawn, chilled surf movie and quiz nights, drinking and partying, beach games, relaxing in the sun and yoga, lots of surfing in great company, meeting like-minded people, the list goes on… You want something you feel comfortable in for all those activities. We recommend clothes that you can easily put on and take off and layer.

Star Surf Camps’ Ultimate Clothes Tip: Take your favourites and be bold! We love a good dress-up and even have a Friday Night Fancy Dress Party. Everything goes in a surf camp. Whatever is flowy, wavy, flowery… We love it!

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4 | Health, Hygiene & Toiletries

When coming to a surf camp where you are camping in a tent, you can likely expect to be using sanitary blocks dotted around the surf camp or campground. Depending on the size of the surf camp and the season, you probably can’t avoid waiting in line to use the loos or showers. That’s nothing to worry about as long as you consider that when packing for your surfing holidays.

Unlike all-inclusive hotels, many surf camps won’t provide any sanitary products which mean you will need to bring them along on your surfing holidays. The list is long and varies from person to person, we think the essentials are the following: Toothbrush and toothpaste, of course. Soap. a bath towel as you probably won’t want to use your salty beach towel. A pair of simple flip flops to wear when showering.

What else is handy to bring along? Some of you might be in need of personal medication. If that’s the case, do not forget! Some surf campers choose to bring their own first aid kit. We do have them at reception in the surf camp should you ever need anything, but bringing your own plasters and, for example, insect repellent is still wise. Then there’s anti-bacterial handwash and wet wipes for when you’re running late. And, yes, BYO toilet roll!

Star Surf Camps’ Ultimate Hygiene Tip: Before you come on any surfing holiday, make sure you check your surf camps’ facilities. Are you staying in a tent? Are there shared bathroom facilities? What is provided onsite? A quick call to your surf camp provider might be all you need to be totally sure of what is available onsite and what you need to bring. In Star Surf Camps’ case, our office team has been to most of our surf camp locations and know exactly what you need to bring. Simply email or ring us, we love to chat surfing holiday destinations!

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That’s the Star Surf Camps Essential Packlist for Surf Camp Holidays done! Be sure to check out our surf camps in France and Spain below. We can’t wait to be surf camping with you!


Keep safe & healthy, everyone!

Your Star Surf Camps Team 

Star Surf Camps Essential Packlist for Surf Camp Holidays

Sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, PJs, earplugs, eye mask, torch and batteries.

Reusable plate, mug and cutlery, Tupperware/lunch box, water carrier/jerry, washing up liquid.

Books, puzzle/audiobook, a deck of cards, headphones, phone/ camera chargers, travel adapter.

Boardshorts or swimsuits/ bikinis, hat, cap, sunnies, beach towel, sunscreen.

Sporty clothes for Yoga, shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, jumpers, zipped hoodie, rain jacket. Fancy dress. We love it!

Sneakers, flip flops. 

Shower gel, soap, bath towel, toothbrush and paste, personal medications (plus extras just in case), first aid kit, hand wash, insect repellent, wet wipes, loo roll.

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