Cork University Surf Club’s 2019 Fuerteventura Surfing Holidays

Cork University Surf Club
return for Fuerteventura Uni Group Surf Trip

Last week, Cork University’s Surf Club joined us on Fuerteventura for the second year in a row on their Uni group surf trip. Find out what it’s like to stay in a four star holiday resort with 50 Irish uni students, what goes down on a classic student uni surf trip week and why Fuerteventura is a paradise at this time of year!

Hey surfers and surfistas!

This is Robbie reporting back from Star Surf Camps’ Fuerteventura surf camp, having just welcomed back Cork University for their second Uni surf trip. Today, I’ll be giving you a little insight into what it’s like to stay in a four star holiday resort with 50 lively Irish uni students, what goes down on a classic student uni surf trip week and why Fuerteventura is a paradise at this time of year.


Personally, I’ve been coming to Fuerteventura since I was 18 and have seen many uni groups passing through beautiful Fuerteventura, but, 2 years ago, Cork Uni students certainly made their mark. Hearing they were on their way back, I was eager to reunite with those charming Irish personalities and check out Star Surf Camps new luxury accommodation set up for University group surf trips.



When the Cork Uni students arrived, I was glad to see massive smiles on their faces when they first set eye on their home away from home for their time on Fuerteventura. Our holiday accommodation is located just outside the picturesque town of Larjars, next to a beautiful surf break called Majanicho. It consists of several so-called “oasis parks” in which the holiday villas are located, all spread around a central hub of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, mini golf course, gym and much more. It’s a bit like a tropical Center Parcs really; imagine living in a small village with all your childhood friends as neighbours, meeting up everyday to surf, eat and socialize. That’s exactly what it was like!


The apartments themselves came with two shower rooms each, a fully equipped kitchen, roof terrace, daily housekeeping services and other essential 21st century amenities, such as a dishwasher. The whole feel of the place is very modern and kind of futuristic. That we all felt like kings and queens for the duration of the Uni group surf trip goes without saying!

During our surf trip week, we’d get shuttles to the day’s best break, most often in Cotillo for some perfect beginner and intermediate waves. It might just have been the luck of the Irish, but Cork University always seem to get the best of the conditions Fuerteventura has to offer when they come for their Uni surf trips. This time was no exception! Our beach day activities featured some classics, such as digging holes, human pyramids, beach volleyball, floating into the line-ups on rainbow coloured unicorns — never a dull moment! Finishing our Uni group surf trip day off usually consisted of watching the sunset, then enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet with unlimited San Miguel on tap. Post dinner, we’d tend to all meet up and go either to Mavericks, an outdoor bar, or hob in a taxi and take a short ride to one of the livelier party towns, such as Corralejo. 



Despite surfing here for years, Fuerteventura continues to surprise me with its ability to fit the needs of so many Uni groups. It’s slowly becoming a real home from home for me and Cork University Surf Club will forever have a place in my heart. This surf holiday week really showed that, even on a modest budget, you can have an incredible experience as a surf club and that there are few places where you get quality waves and sunshine around this time of year in Europe.


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Until next time,

Robbie and the Star Surf Camps Team