Do you know what it takes?

According to a new study, each year, rip currents kill more surfers and beach holiday makers than cyclones, bushfires, floods and shark attacks TOGETHER. The Guardians diagram below illustrates this.

So, as beach safety is such a big issue when on surf holidays with us, we want you to have fun, stay safe and make sure you have the best possible time in and outside the water possible!

As with any sport, there are also risks involved in surfing, and surfing can be dangerous if you don’t learn in a safe environment. For all of us at Star Surf Camps, it’s very important you follow our beach and surf safety advice to make sure you can have the best time possible and stay safe!

Sea and beach safety are extremely important along with knowing of what to do if you do get into trouble. Our surf instructors will make sure that in your first surfing lesson, they go through the most important safety aspects of surfing with you.

Here are a few of the most important tips

… you should be familiar with before getting in the water and on a surfboard

1. Never Surf Alone

Always surf with a friend and never go surfing alone. On your Star Surf Camps holidays, you may have brought your friends along to surf with, but if you have come on surfing holidays on your own, then finding new friends to surf with is always easy. Surfers should always stick together and all of our surf holiday guests and surf camp staff are very friendly and someone will always be keen to go surfing with you – guaranteed!


2. Know your Surfing Limits

If you think the surf is too big for your ability then it’s better to stay on the safe side than to risk getting into a difficult situation. The sea and weather conditions can sometimes be unpredictable if you are inexperienced and it’s very easy to get caught out. Our surf instructors and surf camp staff will always be on hand to give advice. We want to make sure all of our surf camp guests have a fun and safe surfing holiday.


3. Check the Surf Forecast

The surf and weather forecast is always available in the surf camps and our instructors will advise all of the guests if ever they think the conditions are not suitable for surfing. Our surf camp staff will also be able to help you read the forecast so that if you wish to continue surfing when you return home after your surfing holiday, you will have a good idea of how surf forecasting works.


4. Notify Someone in the Surf Camp

Always tell someone when you are going surfing if it is outside the usual lesson times. If you decide to go surfing early in the morning or after everyone has returned from the beach you should tell someone where you are going and when you intend to be back. Your surf holidays are for you to have a great time and surf as much as you can but being safe is also important.


5. Don’t Drink & Surf!

… Because we don’t want you to drink & drown! This is so important for all of our surf holiday guests and staff. It is never a good idea to go surfing or even in the sea after drinking alcohol and this is when the beach can become very dangerous. We want all of our guests to have a good time and enjoy their surf holiday but drinking alcohol and surfing don’t mix. So keep the partying away from the sea.


If you stick to these points and listen to our experienced and friendly surf instructors and take their advice then having a safe surf holiday with Star Surf Camps will be easy! If you want to know more about how to stay safe on the beach and when surfing then check out the RNLI’s Respect The Water website.


Remember that when on surfing holidays with Star Surf Camps, surfing is lots of fun and our experienced surf instructors and surf camp team are always on hand to make sure everyone has a safe and fun surfing experience!


We can’t wait to be surfing with you soon,

Stay Safe, everyone!

Your Star Surf Camps Team

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