7-9-2020 COVID-19
Travel Update

Governments Update required Travel Documents for Airline Passengers

As governments continue to introduce new COVID-19 rules and restrictions, airline passengers are now required to carry new COVID-19 documents.


It’s very important that you check the most up-to-date travel guidelines with the relevant local authorities before each of your trips. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Failure to present mandatory documentation might result in your travel/entry being delayed or, in some cases, even denied by local authorities. Apparently, some places issue fines of up to 500€ 😱Now, no one what’s that, right?!

Which documents do I need when traveling by plane?

Below is a country-by-country list of the required documents airline passengers will need when traveling by airplane, they vary from country to country:



🇮🇹  All passengers


🇬🇧 All passengers


🇮🇪  All passengers


🇪🇸  All passengers (online form)


🇵🇱  All passengers (Polish version)All passengers (English version)


🇵🇹  All passengers


🇬🇷  All passengers


🇫🇷  COVID Absence Statement | Public Health Locator Form


🇩🇪  All passengers (English form)Alle Passagiere (Deutsch)


🇧🇪  All passengers


🇦🇹  Passengers from Non-Schengen countries & C-19 risk area


🇭🇷  All passengers


🇩🇰  All passengers


🇳🇱  All passengers


Make sure you stay up-to-date with any additional travel documentation that you need as a result of COVID-19 for every country that you fly to – your outbound destination and return destination, even if it is your home country.


Stay safe, Everyone!

Your Star Surf Camps Team


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