6 Things you’ll absolutely

…about your surf holidays in our Oyambre surf camp in Northern Spain

At Star Surf Camps, we have three surf holiday destinations and four surf camps across Europe. Whilst everyone who visits our surf camps can expect the same Star Surf Camps’ magic, each surf camp is unique and has its own set of merits and highlights.

We hope the video will give you a taste of what our surf camp here in Oyambre is like! Below, you’ll find our 6 favourite things we’re sure you’ll absolutely love about our Spanish surf camp in Oyambre!

1 | The Surf @Oyambre Beach

Oyambre Beach, or Playa de Oyambre, may not be a world-famous surf location for professional surfers, but it is by far the best learn-to-surf location we have for learning and improving your surfing.

Oyambre Beach is north-facing and is, due to its geology, hit by consistent swells from the Bay of Biscay. What does this mean? WAVES! There are always waves. Never too big or dangerous which makes Oyambre Beach the perfect learn-to-surf surf spot. The waves at Oyambre Beach crumble and break a little more slowly, giving you the perfect opportunity to try surfing or improving your surfing technique.

2 | The Views from Camp

We truly believe that we have pitched our Oyambre surf camp in the north of Spain in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. With a stunning mountain backdrop to one side of our surf camp and the seaside to the other, here in the north of Spain, you are spending your surf holidays in a beautiful location.

Just imagine camping on a friendly local campsite with rolling green hills surrounding our surf camp, long sandy beaches and lush winding rivers that are natural reserves. And to top it all off, you can see snow-capped mountains, the Picos de Europa, in the distance. If they wanted to film Lord of the Rings in Europe, our surf camp is exactly where the Shire would be!

3 | The History of Comillas

Our surf camp is located only 5 km from the pretty little Spanish town of Comillas. There is lots to see and do in the historic town with its picturesque harbour, pontifical cathedral, a villa designed by none other than Antoni Gaudí and lots of traditional Cantabrian architecture, shops and restaurants. We recommend a full afternoon walking around this town feeling like you have travelled back in time and then perhaps stay for some tapas y tinto de verano.

4 | Dedicated Yoga Platform

Yoga has swept surfers off their feet with most professional surfers practicing yoga to help improve flexibility, core strength and surfing performance. After a long day of surfing, yoga is a fantastic way to improve your flexibility and strengthen your body. Many of our surf camp guests choose to return just for our Yoga sessions because we have some of the best Yoga spaces you find in any surf camp. And Oyambre is no exception.

We have built a large covered yoga platform using sustainable and local materials, such as pine and bamboo. It’s been built above our surf camp with views over rolling green hills, the mountains all the way to se ocean. We run a weekly yoga schedule with two yoga sessions in the surf camp, plus a third on the beach.

5 | Sunsets & Jam Sessions on the Hill

Once a week, our surf camp team and guests head out to one of our favourite spots, a restaurant/bar on the cliff tops overlooking the sea, the perfect place to enjoy music, drinks and watch the sunset. This is one of the most popular weekly highlights and if you’ve flicked through our Instagram at all, you surely have seen many photos from this amazing hilltop location. It’s a lazy 20-minute oceanside walk from our Oyambre surf camp. We play music and watch the golden hour fade into a pastel sunset as the sun drops over the Ocean and the lights of San Vicente begin to flicker. It’s totally beautiful!

6 | Our Social Surf Camp Atmosphere

We are super proud of our surf camp food, especially in Oyambre, as we are in the middle of Cantabrian farm country and have the ability to work with local providers to get fresh ingredients like vegetables, eggs and fresh bread. 4 times a week, our onsite chef cooks a big meal that all our surf camp guests and team enjoy together. We serve healthy and filling dishes from classics like a BBQ to Honey-Soy-Ginger-Chili.

On most evenings after dinner, all our surf campers and guests come together to talk surfing stories, jam together and hang out. The atmosphere is a result of long summer days surfing and the lush nature. As you can imagine, it’s a very warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This is not a party surf camp by any means, but you will find a very nice buzz at our Oyambre surf camp bar every night as we have some drinks to celebrate the end of a surfing day.


Spain at its Best!


Welcome to sunny Spain! Our surf camp in Oyambre is located in a beautiful location in the North of Spain. With a stunning mountain backdrop to one side of our surf camp and the seaside to the other, it’s ideal for all outdoor lovers.

June – September 2023

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