From Skate
boarding to Surf boarding

Meet Surf Camp Photographer, Dan!
It's all about loving what you do

Hey everyone, I’m Dan! I’m from the middle of England and out here in the Star Surf Camps Moliets surf camp, working as a surf photographer and capturing all our surf holiday guests’ best waves!

I grew up skateboarding and when I was 13, I was given a hand-me-down camera from my parents which I used to take photos and film my friend’s skateboarding. This developed very quickly into an obsession with me literally wanting to shoot and document everything that appealed to me! With my friends and me constantly wanting to explore new places when skateboarding and with my parents loving to travel, I was constantly exposed and excited about shooting new places and new things from landscapes and skateboarding to all sorts of lifestyle shots!



I have always been attracted to the beach and the ocean and, over the past couple of years, I have started to learn to surf. Last year, I came out on a surf holiday to Star Surf’s surf camp in Moliets to improve on my surfing and simply had the most amazing time ever! When I then got the opportunity to work in the surf camp in Moliets as a surf photographer, I didn’t even have to think about it!

I came to the surf camp in Moliets wanting to improve my surf photography as I had only shot surfing properly a few times before. With perfect waves here in Moliets, I get the chance to shoot the surf almost every day whether it’s shooting surf holiday guests during surf lessons, the instructors ripping after a surf session or just friends that I’ve made since I’m here. Whoever I’ve been meeting here has been amazing! The surf camp’s vibe is brilliant with people helping each other out and enjoying having a great time together. I’m always learning and always improving, and can feel already obsessed and addicted to shooting surfing just like I was with skateboarding.



What I love most about being part of the Star Surf Camps Family is that I get to meet so many new people and make so many new friends. On top of that, I get to do what I love most: Shooting our surf holiday guests’ experiences and adventures, and making sure you, our guests, have something to take home and remember your surf holidays in France!


I can’t wait to meet you out here in Moliets and capture your most awesome waves!


See you this Summer!

Dan & the Star Surf Moliets Team