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Surfing with friends is arguably the best way to do a surf trip. Getting to hang out with your mates, having a laugh and surfing together. Now add our mates’ rates, 10% discount for a group of 10, it’ll really be rude not too a group surfing holiday!


I joined Mango Surfing on one of their group surf trips to the Moliets Surf & Yoga camp last September and loved every second of it! Being part of a group meant there was always something going on. On my particular group surf trip, not everyone knew everyone, so it was a great chance to make new friends. But if you all already know each other, it is a great way to strengthen friendships and make awesome new memories.


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Being on a group surf trip also meant I had a buddy to surf with at all times. There is no greater feeling that grabbing some surfboards and hitting the surf with a bunch of awesome people. Top tip, get a sunset surf in! The sunsets in both our Oyambre Surf Camp and Moliets Surf Camp are amazing and definitely worth seeing during your group surf trip.


During some much-needed downtime it was great to always have someone to chat to, play a game of ping pong with or to practice my new yoga moves with. Nothing will beat a group surf trip to one of our camps this summer and here are

5 reasons why you should be booking yours now!


1 | You get to hang out with your favourite people. Everything is always better if you get to do it with your friends and a surf trip is no exception. Whether you are all first-time surfers or you are all in the line up first our surf camps are the perfect place for you and your friends to have some fun and catch epic waves.


2 | Parties. Nights out with your friends are always the best and our legendary Moliets parties are no different and definitely not ones to be missed. So whether you are the clown of the group, designated mum or the one that always manages to disappear on a night out join us for what is set to be another awesome summer. Start your night out with some beers and tunes in the camp and then head out to the bars and clubs in town.


3 | New friends. Whether you are coming with a group of already established friends or joining one of our awesome organised surf weeks, group trips are always a great way to make new friends and strengthen existing ones.


4 | Awesome memories. Everyone loves a good #tbt so why not add a summer surf trip with Star Surf Camps to your collection. Group surf trips are a great way to make everlasting and amazing memories. Between sunrise or sunset yoga and surf sessions, legendary parties, day trips to beautiful historic towns and lazy sunny afternoons spent in a hammock you will have plenty of awesome memories to look back on.


5 | DISCOUNTS! With some awesome deals on group bookings throughout the summer and in all our summer surf camps it would be rude not to get a group of friends together and book yourselves an awesome summer!


Get in touch with Justine or Emily from our office team to chat group surf trip essentials!


See you and your mates this Summer!

Your Star Surf Camps Team