International Surfing Day

Celebrating 10 years of International Surfing Day

Environment protection & passion for the sport surfing

International Surfing day was created to bring the surfing community together to celebrate the sport of surfing, promote sustainable practices within the industry and educate the masses about the issues that face our coastline and marine life. It is regularly observed with surf competitions, surf film screenings, group beach activities and a whole lot of love for the ocean. On 21st of June 2014 surfers and ocean dwellers were celebrating the pinnacle 10th anniversary of this blessed day that is growing in importance and relevance to surfers around the world.

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After 5 years of Star Surf Camps we felt it was time to highlight our love for the sport and the issues that face it by celebrating International Surfing day in style. We recruited a band of musicians, journalists, bloggers, pro surfers, dancers, photographers and filmers to document the joy of surfing in all its forms. From first time surfers to young surfing professionals, from the laid back bohemian atmosphere of surfing to the importance of environmental issues. We hosted the participants from 31st May to 7th of June where we were blessed with great waves and even better weather. This allowed our photographers and film makers to capture amazing and unique footage including some beach clean time lapses, professional Billabong surfer Miles Lee Hargreevs ripping up the waves filmed with state of the art slow motion cameras (400fps) and a UV Rave night surf in the middle of a dramatic lightning storm. Also it includes footage of pro snowboader Tomek Wolak (Poland) showing him surfing.



Blogger and pro surfer from all over Europe celebrate in France

From 20th of June 2014 on we released content from our guest bloggers/journalists/musicians. We were looking to find partners/charities/surf brands and any companies with a vested interest in our beloved sport to get involved and help us to showcase this video to the surfing community. It is to be noted that although this is shot at Star Surf Camps in France this is not a promotional video or an advertisement but more of a showcase of surfing and the many walks of life who eat sleep and breath it.


Participants 2014


Callum Morse

21 years, UK, Professional Surf Photographer

Up to your neck in it with waves and surfers flying over your head, the lineup is an amazing and exciting place to shoot but it can be frustrating at the same time. Here are a few tips for those looking to make the jump into Surf photography… Read more


Christopher Sharpe, 25 years, UK, Travel Writer

At the end of May, I flew out to Moliets to the Star Surf Camp to help with the preparation and work they had geared up to celebrate International Surfing Day’s 10th anniversary… Read more

International Surfing Day Star Surf Camps France International Surfing Day Star Surf Camps France



Kasha Dubaniewicz, 27 years, South Africa, Travel Blogger

About two weeks ago, I spent seven glorious days in Moliets, France. During my time there, I had surfing lessons, I did regular yoga, I met incredible people and I had some awesome nights out. It’s solely due to Star Surf Camps that I had such a good experience. Read more…

International Surfing Day Star Surf Camps France

Tomek Wolak, 22 years, Poland, Pro Snowboarder

WOOOOOOOW!!! What a week!!! I was invited by Star Surf Camps for the International Surfing Day! Me and my two friends went for a road trip to France! We drove by car and after about 20 hours of driving we finally arrived in Moliets.  Read more…

International Surfing Day Star Surf Camps France


International Surfing Day Star Surf Camps France

Iain Beable, 27 years, UK, Photographer

Jamaal Francis (Jman), 22 years, UK, Musician

James Woods, 23 years , AUS, Professional Surfer/Star Surf Instructor

Miles Lee-Hargreaves, 19 years, UK, Billabong Pro Surfer

Robin Kother & Polly Vinken, 28 & 27 years, UK, Filmcrew

Star Surf Camps Family

Tom Butler, 25 years, UK, Big Wave Surfer

Violetta Kromer, 29 years, Germany, Choreographer/Dancer

International Surfing Day Star Surf Camps France


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