How to
… Warm-up for Surfing

Breathing Squats, Warrior Lunge & More

We all know how easy it is to just look at the waves when you get to the beach, through on your wetsuit, grab your surfboard and go running into the sea without even thinking about a warm-up. We’ve all been there!

However, it is soooooo (!!!) important to warm up properly before getting in the water for a surf. Surfing is an extremely intense full-body workout, so we must make sure all our muscles are ready for this to help prevent injury. What you want to do during your surfing warm-up is to recreate movements that you will be doing whilst surfing. Below are a few of our favourite dynamic warm-up exercises which really get the blood flowing and the muscles warmed up ready for paddling and catching waves!


Breathing Squat

Perform a normal bodyweight squat, exhale as the body moves down and inhale as you bring the body back up, whilst extending your arms towards the sky. Repeat x20.


Warrior Lunge

Start in a standing position and lunge forward into the standard lunge position, extend your arms to the sky, then push up off your front foot and back into the starting position.


T-Rotation Push-Ups

Begin in a pushup position. Then rotate one arm towards the sky, while simultaneously rotating your body onto one side. You should now be balanced on one hand, with your other hand/arm reaching towards the sky. Rotate back into the starting pushup position and repeat with the other side of your body.


Bent Shoulder Circles

Keeping a straight back and slightly bent knees, bend your upper body forward. Bend until you find an angle where you begin to feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings. Then bring the arms out to the sides into a T-shape. Perform small arm circles for around 30 repetitions in each direction.

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