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Welcome to Star Surf Schools, Fuerteventura. Join our renowned Star Surf School on sunny Fuerteventura and learn how to surf among the beautiful azure lagoons of the oldest of the Canary Islands.

Year round, the island offers excellent surf conditions and countless surf spots to provide surfers of all ability levels with great waves! Our surf school’s location offers easy access to three stunning coastlines in the North, West and East of the island. So, whether you’ve never stood up on a surfboard before, are an intermediate looking to improve existing surf skills or an advanced surfer in search for a sick barrel, our international team of professional surf instructors and qualified lifeguards will find the perfect surf location for you for every surf lesson!

We are more than just a surf school. Come along with us on an SUP adventure to explore a fantastic marine life as you glide over turquoise waters, rent our snorkelling equipment to discover a stunning and colourful underwater world or join us for an inspiring sunset Yoga session to strengthen your body and revitalize your mind. Here on Fuerteventura, we offer a wide variety of surf-related services to make your holiday an unforgettable one!

Favorite Surf Packages

Individual Lessons


per person

  • Mixed groups of up to 8 people
  • 2x 1.5 hours surf tuition
  • incl. transfer to surf spots
  • incl. surf equipment
  • incl. snack & drink
  • Experienced & professional instructors
  • Insurance
  • Surf best beach & reef breaks in the area
  • Optional: Surf photography

Family & Group Lessons


per group

  • Private group of up to 8 people
  • 2x 1.5 hours surf tuition
  • incl. transfer to surf spot
  • incl. surf equipment
  • incl. snack & drink
  • Experienced, professional & family-friendly instructors
  • Insurance
  • Surf best beach & reef breaks in the area
  • Optional: Surf photography
  • Surf certificate for kids

1-to-1 Lesson


per person

  • Private 1-to-1 surf lesson
  • 2x 1.5 hours surf tuition
  • incl. transfer to surf spot
  • incl. surf equipment
  • incl. snack & drink
  • Experienced & professional instructors
  • Insurance
  • Surf best beach & reef breaks in the area
  • Optional: Surf photography & video analysis
  • Surf guiding & spot checks

Star Surf School

Groups &
Private lessons
Stand Up
Where to
find us?
Summer 2019 | Surf Camp Moliets Deluxe | 645x230 | Lesson Beach Warm Up Beginners

Join our daily Group Lessons:

The most affordable way to learn how to surf and to meet other surfers is to book an individual space in one of our open group lessons. With a beginner as well as an intermediate surf lesson every day, our group lessons take a maximum of eight people per lesson and include all surf equipment (boards, leashes and wetsuits), transport and snacks on the beach as well as three hours of practical surfing tuition. Depending on the surf spot we choose for the day, the entire trip generally lasts for three to four hours. If you join our open group lessons with your friends or family, we offer a 5% discount per person for groups of 4, and a 10% discount per person for groups of 6 off our regular surf lesson price!

Professional & Experienced Team

Join Star Surf for a professional, fun and enthusiastic approach to teaching surfing! On Fuerteventura, we run two three-hour surf sessions per day, one for beginners and one for intermediates. All our surf lessons include all surf equipment (boards, leashes and wetsuits), transport and snacks on the beach. The maximum group size for each surf lesson is eight surfers for one to two instructors. All our surf instructors are experienced, fully licensed and qualified and also have a lifeguard qualification.

Our surf lessons start with a little surf theory introduction. This is first and foremost for your own safety and, of course, to familiarize you with what to expect once in the water. Our surf instructors also get you into that true surfer slang, explaining “swells”, “barrels”, “tubes”, “green waves” and everything else you need to know about lingo, etiquette and the real surf lifestyle. Before heading out into the water, just like with every other sport, a good warm up is essential to avoid injuries. From short sprints, quick squats, all-body stretches, shoulder circles, lower back twists to frog jump competitions or shark’n’fish games, our enthusiastic coaches come up with something new every day to help you wake up your body, loosen up your muscles, prepare you for surfing and, of course, keep you smiling!

Once ready to go, our Star Surf instructors join you in the water to help you catch your first waves and to give you direct feedback on your personal surf style. According to the weather and swell conditions, the first day of our beginner class usually starts with white water surfing. Advanced beginners and intermediates will then paddle further out to catch the green water waves out the back behind the broken waves. Halfway through a three-hour lesson, we take a 20-30 minute break on the beach to relax our muscles, get a little refreshment in and for you to get some more feedback from your surf instructor. After another surf session in the water, we rinse our surf equipment and drive back to the Star Surf School, stoked on a day’s surfing and sharing stories of perfect waves, fun wipe-outs and the day’s achievements.

Star Surf Schools El Cotillo Fuerteventura Surf Lessons Family Beach 855 x 306

Private Lessons for Families or Groups:

Our Family Specials and private group lessons are perfectly suited for those wanting to learn to surf together. We know from experience that families and private groups like to book their own, personal surf instructor due to a more personal relationship and the extra attention you’ll receive.

We’re happy to be flexible and to adjust your private surf lessons to your holiday schedule and choice of beach. Lessons take a maximum of eight people per lesson and include all surf equipment (boards, leashes and wetsuits), transport as well as three hours of practical surfing tuition. Although parents are not obliged to join the fun in the water, they will need to be present on the beach at all times during the surf lesson. If you want to, we can partner you up with another family or private group, so those not keen on surfing can relax on the beach and take pictures of the friends and family in the water. We also have a professional, in-house surf photographer to document your surfing experience for you. Please contact one of our surf travel experts in advance, so we can help arrange your ideal family surfing adventure!

Star Surf Schools El Cotillo Fuerteventura Surf Lessons 1 to 1 Coaching Instruction 960 x 322

Book our Exclusive 1-to-1 Training:

At Star Surf, we only work with professional, fully qualified and licensed surf instructors in order to get you the best tuition possible! Our coaches choose your daily training spots in accordance with your surf ability level and only utilise the most advanced surf teaching techniques they themselves have learned from extensive training and experience with the world’s surfing elite. Our specialists’ surf training includes video analysis which, for you, is the best and fastest way to improve your surfing in a short amount of time.

So, whether you and your significant other want your very own, private surf instructor or whether you, as either a beginner or an intermediate surfer, want exclusive coaching to improve your surf skills and advance quickly, our 1-to-1 training is right for you! With the most intensive surf teaching possible, our instructors stay in the water with you and give you the surf feedback you need. Besides video analysis, our 1-to-1 training also includes an exclusive surf photo shoot with our in-house surf photographer at a beach of your choice.

Fuerteventura Locations Page Star Surf Camps SUP Sunset 855 x 306

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP has become more and more popular. With the most first-time participants than any other outdoor sporting activity in 2013, SUP boarding is a fast growing, relaxing and fun activity perfect for family days out, individual adventures or to keep fit when the waves are small. Fuerteventura’s beautiful lagoons offer the perfect setting for all sorts of SUP adventures! Therefore, Star Surf Schools offer a range of SUP services including equipment hire and guided excursions.

With no age or ability limitations, how about you join us in venturing out along the gorgeous lagoons of the north, admiring the marine life as you glide over the turquoise waters? And if you’re on a tight schedule and can’t join our groups, we’re flexible and happy to arrange a private trip that suits your time and needs. Or you want to make SUP your own little adventure? Also no problem as we rent out our equipment for you to explore and go on sunset trips for the ultimate relaxing end of your day in the sun. For inquiries about our guided tours or rentals, please contact one of our surf travel experts or stop by our Star Surf School in El Cotillo Today!

Star Surf Schools El Cotillo Fuerteventura Surf Lesson Families Equipment Hire 935 x 403

Equipment Hire

At Star Surf Schools, we have a huge variety of water sports equipment for you to rent. Choose from an extensive selection of beginner and advanced surfboards of all shapes and sizes, wetsuits, leashes, a great selection of body boards, SUPs, snorkelling gear and beach games. Contact one of our surf travel experts or stop by the surf school today for some great impartial advice on what equipment is best suited for you and your ability!

During your rental period, our services include all exchanges of boards for different shaped or sized ones in order for you to maximize your surf or SUP experience and to get the chance to ride a wide range of surf- and SUP boards during your stay. Our experienced team of surf travel experts is at hand to help you with any questions you might have!

Star Surf Schools Surf Photography Lesson Beginner Wave 645 x 249

Get your Professional Photos to take Home

That priceless moment when you come out of the water stoked, with the biggest smile on your face because you just caught a once-in-a-lifetime wave! Our exclusive, in-house surf photographers capture it for you to relive the memory whenever you want. Of course, surf photography is not just a way to make memories, but a very useful tool in analysing your surfing to improve your surf ability and to refine your surf technique. Of course, after the surf session, you get a USB with all photos and videos that were made during the lesson.

Surf Lessons

Amount Individual Groups &
1-to-1 Photography
1 lesson €45 €225 €99 +€79
3 lessons €130 €599 €270* +€199
5 lessons €210 €1050 €450** +€299

* Video analysis included. ** Video analysis & photography included.

Stand Up Paddle Lesson

2 hours / 2 people €49 per person


All lessons include:

  • Surf Equipment
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Beach Shuttle
  • Insurance (accident and equipment)
Star Surf Camps Image Blue Water Wave Texture 2500 x 647

Equipment Hire

Surfboard and wetsuit combo: 15€ (1 Day)

One day of rental is 24h

Half day rental times: morning/afternoon

Rentals*** 1 Day 1 Week 1/2 Day
Surfboard 12€ 70€ 10€
Wetsuit 8€ 35€ 5€
Stand Up Paddle 25€ 140€ 20€
Bodyboard 10€ 60€ 8€
Snorkel Set 12€ 70€ 10€
Insurance (per item) 10€ 70€ 10€

***All rental items require a deposit. Deposit varies depending on equipment hired.

Looking for a Place to Stay?

You’re not yet sure where to stay on Fuerteventura? How about you check out our beautiful self-catering apartments just a five-minute walk from our Star Surf School. For an informal inquiry, and for help with custom-building your perfect surfing holiday, feel free contact one of our surf travel experts or stop by our Star Surf School today!

Self-catering Apartments

What to do in El Cotillo?

The picturesque little fishing town El Cotillo is located on the west coast and is the most northern town on the coastline. It’s an important town for fishing and tourism, but it doesn’t get crowded. The village is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura: 2 km north of the village there are the ponds next to the lighthouse. The urban beaches of La Concha and Los Lagos are located right next to the town on the northern side. The white sand and turquoise waters invite you to spend a whole day there. On the southern side of the town there’s a 3 km long golden beach where waves break on a daily basis.

The lagoons in Cotillo are the perfect place for a beach day

The white sand and crystal clear turquoise water doesn’t just look great on a picture if you want to make your friends at home jealous, it’s also the most beautiful place to discover aquatic life on this island. Pop by our Surf School Shop right next to the beach in Cotillo Lagos to rent your snorkel equipment and discover the underwater world.

Climbing a volcano

One of the highest volcanoes on the island is situated right on a doorstep of our villa. La montaña Escanfraga measures 533m and is definitely worth walking up. Take some beers and enjoy a sunset or just the view on the surrounding landscape. If you go around sunset make sure you get down before dark or take a torch. The walk from the villa to the mountain takes about 30min, going up another 45min. It’s best to wear proper shoes since there isn’t a real path going up the volcanoes.

Stroll around the town

A ten minute walk to the west of our Surf School you find the Toston tower of defense next to the golden surf beach of El Cotillo. The history of the castle begins in the fifteenth century with the conquest of the island by the Spanish crown, becoming a bastion to defend the coast from pirate attacks. The castle was constructed on the ruins of the old defending castle (Rico Roque) and was built to defend the port of El Cotillo, which was very important for trade in cochineal, grain and livestock.

Have a little treat at the local Cafés

Have a little snack after your surf lessons? Not far away from our Surf School there is a very popular little bakery in Cotillo: ‘la pasteleria Francesca’ or El Goloso. They also have a small affiliate in Lajares. Even if you’re not a sweet tooth there’s plenty of choice for an after-surf snack or just a healthy lunch. Sandwiches, quiches, all kinds of bread, teas, smoothies, coffees, etc. Definitely try the almond croissant, it’s that good that usually they run out of them long before lunchtime. Or stop by fabulous ‘Ocean Deli’ along the road, close to the School. They serve a great variety of sandwiches, wraps, curry, burgers, lasagne and freshly baked cake.

Don’t miss out on fresh fish

In El Cotillo you should also visit the fishing harbour, well protected by a large natural rock, as well as a few restaurants specialized in fresh fish like “La Vaca Azul” and El Mirador. Owned by a French surfer La Vaca Azul has it all; the location with its amazing ocean view, daily fresh fish, great service, good wine, amazing desserts, … You won’t leave this place unsatisfied! Start with sharing some starters, go for a big fresh fish and end with one of the homemade desserts. The cheesecake is definitely a winner. Be prepared for a lot of food so make sure you’re hungry.

Star Surf Schools El Cotillo Fuerteventura Shop 960 x 637

Right on the North Track

The charming fishing village of El Cotillo is located in Fuerteventura Northwest, about 35km from Puerto del Rosario and about 20km from Corralejo. The picturesque town offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere with a delightful little town centre and several authentic Canarian restaurants overlooking a beautiful old harbour. Situated within the characteristically rough and rustic volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands, El Cotillo is known to have the island’s most gorgeous beaches and most exquisite lagoons. While some of them are sheltered by an outer reef, providing calm waters ideal for swimming, snorkelling or SUPing, others offer great first-time surfer conditions with user-friendly waves. And with the famous ‘North Track’ just a stone’s through away, also advanced surfers get to surf their heart out on some of the world’s most perfect and critical waves. Fuerteventura is truly suited to all surfing abilities, and with mild temperatures and warm waters all year round, the island makes for the perfect winter escape and sunny summer getaway!

Our Surf School Shop

Our Star Surf School is located right on the beach at the beautiful Cotillo Lagos, just a ten-minute walk from the town centre. We can easily be found on foot or by car or bike. Simply turn off the main road into El Cotillo, go past the Cotillo Beach Hotel and we are located just off the main road next to Cotillo Lagos apartments. The school offers street parking, so if you’re coming by car or bike, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Opening Hours & Contact

Star Surf Schools
Avenida los Lagos
35650 El Cotillo
Fuerteventura, Spain

Open daily 09:00 – 17:00