Tips & Advice
Surf Photography

No. 1 - Timing


Possibly the most important ingredient to taking a good surf photo, timing is crucial. Always try and take the photo at the most critical point of a wave or surfers manoeuvre. It helps to have a camera that has a high FPS (frames per second) ability, around 6 fps or higher is good.

No. 2 - Lighting


How you utilise light in your photo can be the difference between having an exciting and dramatic photo compared to a dull, boring photo. Always try to look for ways that light can highlight the surfer or a manoeuvre. Shooting at sunrise or sunset can always present interesting light setups.

No. 3 - Landscape

A lot of people start off shooting as zoomed in as possible, however if you pull back a little and try get some features of the landscape such as foreground or a backdrop in your shots it can help to create a more interesting and dynamic photo.

No. 4 - Angle

Always look for an angle that will show the full potential of a manoeuvre or wave. For example a barrel shot taken from straight on will look flat, where as if you shoot at a 45 degree angle to the wave you will be able to see the rider in the barrel.

No. 5 -Focus

If your image or the surfer in your photo is out of focus, then its not a good image no matter how good the lighting is, or how creative you have been. Use the AI Servo mode or focus-tracking mode on your camera to follow the surfer making sure you get them in focus throughout the entirety of the wave.