How to Bottom Turn
Part 2: Backside Turn

Backside Bottom Turn

The backside bottom turn is much like the frontside bottom turn. However, this time you have your back to the wave which means there are a few extra points you need to remember.

A step-by-step guide


After take-off, wait until you read the bottom of the wave. Begin to compress your legs ready for the turn. Focus upon looking down the wave faec in the direction you want to travel.


This time lean back, dropping your front shoulder ans looking over it to the open face where you are going.


Learn further back, rocking onto your heels and brogan your leading arm behind you and your rear arm in front of you. Your leading arm is used to pivot around, your rear arm is uses to keen your balance.


Having your arms in this position will cause your shoulders to open up to the face of the wave.Again, you can drag your font hand in the water for stability. Once we have performed out bottom turn, we then need to start to set the rail and move ourselves forward on our surfboard across the face of the wave.


Put weight on your front foot to drive across the face of the wave, looking to where you want to go. Bring both arms in front of the body to return to the normal position for travelling in a straight line an a surfboard.


Straighten up your body with your eyes and arm pointing to where you want to go to perform your next manoeuvre.

Top Tip...

The bottom turn takes a lot of practise to master, so don;t be frustrated if you can’t get the hang of it straight away. Just keep at it, and why not get your mate to film you or take pictures of you attempting a few bottom turns. That way you can see where you go wrong and where you can improve. But don’t forgot to but him or her a beer or ice cream as a thank you afterwards!

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Frontside Bottom Turn

The bottom turn is the most important building block in any style of surfing. It is the first turn you make after taken-off on a wave, and it will be the one turn you do before every manoeuvre. By making sure you have the correct technique early in the game, you will have A fantastic basis to start learning and building upon for other, more technical manoeuvres.