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Surf Resort Holidays in the Mentawai Islands!

If perfect waves, crystal clear water, picture-perfect beaches, luxurious accommodation, incredible food and a first-class service in paradise is what you’re looking for, then look no further! Our beautiful partner resort in the Mentawais offers you amazing surf resort holidays with unlimited speed boat trips to world-class waves suited to your ability. Join us in our world-famous and luxurious surf resort on your own, with your significant other or whole family, indulge in our delicious resort cuisine three times a day, surf the best waves, revitalize your mind during Yoga sessions, go on exciting SUP safaris or snorkelling adventures and simply let this tropical island paradise take your breath away!

Our Packages

Mentawai Resort - 9 Days

1770£ 1596

for 9 days/pp

  • 7 surf resort days
  • 2 overnight ferry crossings (return)
  • Unlimited surf boat transfers to local surf spots
  • Three healthy meals/ day + drinks + snacks
  • Guest suite with en-suite & private sun terrace
  • Unlimited recreational speed boat use including guided fishing trips, guided snorkeling expeditions, guided village tours & guided island explorations
  • Unlimited use of recreational equipment including SUP boards, snorkeling gear, spear-fishing equipment, kayaks and more
  • Live surf cam feed to 32" in-room flat screen
  • In-room Wi-Fi

Mentawai Resort - 12 Days

2417£ 2179

for 12 days/pp

  • 10 surf resort days
  • 2 overnight ferry crossings (return)
  • Unlimited surf boat transfers to local surf spots
  • Three healthy meals/ day + drinks + snacks
  • Guest suite with en-suite & private sun terrace
  • Unlimited recreational speed boat use including guided fishing trips, guided snorkeling expeditions, guided village tours & guided island explorations
  • Unlimited use of recreational equipment including SUP boards, snorkeling gear, spear-fishing equipment, kayaks and more
  • Live surf cam feed to 32" in-room flat screen
  • In-room Wi-Fi

Mentawai Resort - 16 Days

3271£ 2949

for 16 days/pp

  • 14 surf resort days
  • 2 overnight ferry crossings (return)
  • Unlimited surf boat transfers to local surf spots
  • Three healthy meals/ day + drinks + snacks
  • Guest suite with en-suite & large, private sun terrace
  • Unlimited recreational speed boat use including guided fishing trips, guided snorkeling expeditions, guided village tours & guided island explorations
  • Unlimited use of recreational equipment including SUP boards, snorkeling gear, spear-fishing equipment, kayaks and more
  • Live surf cam feed to 32" in-room flat screen
  • In-room WI-Fi

About the Mentawais


Welcome to Star Surf’s Partner Resort ― Mentawai Islands

The Mentawais are an Indonesian archipelago in the Indian Ocean, a few miles off Sumatra’s West coast, consisting of about seventy islands and hundreds of waves. Our picture-perfect partner resort is situated on Siniai Island, only a stone’s throw away from the stunning coast of North Pagai Island, an island in the southern region of the Mentawais.

Your Surf Resort Holidays in the Mentawai Islands!

Renowned for first-class waves and regularly frequented by the world’s top surfers, the Mentawais guarantee you a surf trip of a lifetime! If there’s anywhere in the world where you can participate in a sport together with the world’s best, it’s here! Our island resort is in striking distance to a selection of amazing surf spots and, with our unlimited speed boat transfers, we find perfect waves for all levels of surfers, beginners, intermediates and advanced, every day!

And there’s more: If you’re not chasing barrels, relax on your spacious resort suites’ sun terraces or by the large pool area, enjoy a massage in our in-house Spa, indulge in our tasty cuisine of local and Western foods, grab one of our SUPs to embark on an exciting Stand Up Paddle board safari, snorkel and fin up for a stunning exploring of an amazing underwater world, strengthen your body during one of our Yoga sessions or simply explore the surrounding islands and beaches! Here on the Mentawais, we’ve got everything your heart desires!

Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Header 855 x 305

Your Luxurious Resort Suites!

Newly refurbished and modernized in 2011, our beautiful partner resort offers you an incredibly beautiful home away from home! Enjoy your time with us in one of 16 carefully decorated guest suites, with either a Queen-size bed or two twin beds. All our spacious suites have their own large sun terrace with outdoor seating facilities, fold-out sun protection and offer stunning views over the azure lagoon, the palm tree-surrounded pool area or the seemingly never-ending ocean, perfect to enjoy a sunset drink after a long day playing in the waves!

Besides spectacular views, our gorgeous Mentawai resort suites all come with in-room free Wi-Fi, an en-suite bathroom and hot water, have air conditioning, clothes storage, a small work desk and are equipped with a DVD player and a 32” flat screen TV which shows international channels, sports and is also broadcasting our in-house, life surf channel. We service your suites daily to supply you with clean towels.

All our gorgeous suits are on the first floor of the resort, elevated to ensure even better views, more sunlight and that you can feel that unique sea breeze of the Indian Ocean! When modernizing the resort, great care has been taken when insulating floors, walls, and ceilings to keep our rooms as cool and quiet as possible to maximize your comfort!

 Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Sunset Paradise Groups 4813 x 3207  Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Interior Rooms Beds Suite 4272 x 2848

Welcome to Paradise

There’s simply no Place like the Mentawais!

There are only a handful of surf resorts and surf camps that have as many world-class waves in such close vicinity as our Mentawais resort while still offering quality accommodation and luxuries. Here, both beginner surfers as well as aspiring pros can enjoy empty line-ups literally breaking right on our doorstep! Especially for the more experienced surfers, this place is nothing short of utopia: lefts, rights, barrels, rippable walls, exotic locations and highly experienced surf guides dedicated to getting you the waves of your lifetime! Our Mentawais surf holiday trip is pretty much a no-brainer if you’re looking for an all-inclusive getaway with your priorities set on surfing amazing waves.


Macaronis, or Macas, is one of a few waves on this planet that belongs in its own classification above ‘world class’. Breaking across a tropical lagoon, this perfect left peels along somewhat mechanically, yet still offers much variety from start to finish. The take-off is surprisingly easy considering it’s where you can tuck into some epic 4-7 second barrels before the wave opens up to a long, walling inside section perfect for turns, carves and cut backs where you’ll typically pull off the wave from your legs burning before the wave dies out. Macaronis works throughout all tides and has a huge window of opportunity as it

pumps with the most consistent swell directions. On top of that, it’s one of those rare waves that seem to be just as good even if there’s a little onshore breeze blowing. The wave works from 2 ft. up to 10ft.+, and the consistency and quality of this wave will make it difficult to justify surfing anywhere else, even if you’re on your backhand. Another feature that makes our resort so magical is that there are a limited number of moorings in the lagoon for the charter boats to anchor into, meaning after 2 boats park up, the others are forced to find shelter elsewhere and this can help to diffuse the crowds.



Wow! If you’ve ever seen a surf movie that involves surfing in the Mentawais region, you can guarantee there is some mind-blowing footage of this wave. Once again breaking left, this wave provides a very square, thick barrel running through 3 sections before a shallow section of reef. It’s definitely one of the best barreling waves in Indonesia and, once again, set in a beautiful location. Greenbush breaks best on a higher tide and with at least a 3 ft.

swell. If you haven’t scored an epic tube during your time in the Mentawais, you need to set all compasses to Greenbush and make sure you smile for the photographer in the channel.

Silabu Left

On the other side of our resort, you’ve got Silabu Left. If you’re keen to search out some waves with no crowds, then head through the tidal lagoon to see this mellow uncrowned wave rolling through. Silabu Left is a great place to build up confidence and paddle strength, or simply the prefect introduction to surfing reef breaks. One of the best things about Silabu Left is that, typically, the wind will remain offshore until the early afternoon, giving a

great window to score some glassy peeling waves with no crowds. Tip: Check to see the conditions at Macaronis; if there’s a 3 ft. wave breaking there, then Silabu will be working its magic, too!

Mini Macas

Mini Macas is similar to Silabu Left in terms of being a great option for those who want to build up some confidence, paddle fitness and escape the crowds. The best thing is that this wave literally rolls off from the end of the main Macaronis wave, so you can jump on the boat to gauge the set-up and have a look to see what best suits your ability. With a deep channel to paddle around and the main wave acting as an indicator to see when sets roll through, this may be one of the best places in the world to improve your surfing and build up confidence. Tip: Mini Macas is a great wave for couples or bigger groups that want to enjoy surfing together, yet have different surfing abilities.

Macas Right

This wave tends to be very fickle, which actually works in your favour if you’re looking to score some right-hand barrels. Because of the nature of the conditions needed for this wave to break well and because those very same conditions will provide epic waves at the main break, this place is often overlooked and therefore great for those who want to charge

and escape crowds. Tip: Ask the locals or your surf guides about the wave when «it’s on», and you’ll certainly be keeping your eye on it for the rest of your trip, especially if you’re a regular stance surfer.


Bat Caves

This wave is more of a full day’s adventure than a quick surf session as its surroundings and stunning location have so much to offer! Again, Bat Caves is ideal for couples and larger groups with different surf levels who want to enjoy being in a remote paradise with cliff jumping, snorkeling, fishing and picnicking on tiny sand islands among turquoise waters.

The wave itself is a swell magnet making it the place to go between big swells and breaks, similar to a point break with long walls and a few fast sections, even throwing an occasional barrel for the lucky visitor. Once again, you’re likely to be escaping crowds with a trip to Bat Caves.

Rags Left

If you have the surf experience and like to charge advanced waves away from crowds, then keep an eye on the forecast and Rags Left in mind. Ask your surf guide before you go as it needs a few different conditions to come together. However, if you get the right mix, you and your friends may be pulling into some amazing barrels right off the take-off to then surf a long peeling wall that runs for another 100m+. This wave can still hold a size of about triple overhead and is yet again another very photogenic wave to shoot. 

Rags Right

Paddle in, take off, hold the line and get barreled off your face from start to finish. This is one of those waves where you don’t even think of doing any turns just lock into that tunnel vision and try negotiating your way out before the end section. Certainly a more experienced surfer’s wave!


Thunders is a fail safe and one of the most consistent waves in the Mentawais. However, unlike most fail saves, this wave is actually very good. Thunders works throughout all tides, turns 1-2 ft. waves into little rolling peelers with some barrel opportunity and works well above double overhead. And if that’s not enough of a reason to head there, it’s worth considering that the crowds at Thunders always get well split up as there are many take-off

sections running across the island. The island, by the way, is again beautiful and well-worth exploring. The reef is vibrant and the scenery seems to rub off on surfers making for a relaxed atmosphere.


Another very consistent wave in the area is Roxies, a right-hander that’s often compared to Macaronis’ main break and it’s only a short boat ride away. The wave breaks even when the swell is small and becomes a fast barrel as the swell picks up. If you’ve been surfing left-handers your whole stay and are itching to switch it up, head to Roxies and you won’t be disappointed.


Another fickle but when it’s on, it’s epic! Due to the nature of this wave, you best consulting with your highly experienced surf guides first to arrange a trip when the wave is working. A high level of experience is needed as Rednut is a hollow barrel with a very raw open ocean feel to it.

Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers is the perfect wave when you’re learning to surf. It’s located right across the channel from the resort with a soft sandy bottom and a gentle little wave. Almost as if it was man-made, Fish Fingers offers a perfect small peak that peels mostly right but has a little left, too. At Fish Fingers, you can learn to surf or teach the kids with a selection of soft-top learner boards available to use free of charge (for use at Fish Fingers only). Learning surfers who have built up their confidence can also try out Silabu Left and Mini Macas. Making the resort a great trip for couples and groups where the surfing ability may vary.

Wine & Dine!

After a long day of catching waves, there’s nothing better that a delicious and heathy meal! Here on the Mentawais, you can indulge in a tasty variation of both local and Western foods – three times a day! Your daily meals include a choice of two breakfasts, a hearty lunch and a choice between a wonderful 3-course dinner or a lovely dinner buffet. Drinks, such as coffee, tea and different juices, as well as delicious snacks and bakes goods are available all day – and all free, of course! Meals are served in the resort’s Bar & Restaurant located on the ground level. And with both an indoor and outdoor eating are, enjoy the end of your day in paradise with the sun setting over an endless ocean!

Our chefs here also happily accommodate all food allergies and prepare meals in accordance with vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan and other dietary requirements.

Early and mid-morning Breakfasts

We love breakfasts here on the Mentawais! It’s the most important meal of the day. Therefore, and to accommodate both the early birds and late risers among us, we offer two choices of breakfast for you each day! Between 6am – 11am, we serve you coffee, tea and juices as well as a variation of cereals, toast, spreads and fresh fruit. And between 7:30am – 10am, we have different hot, à la carte menus available for you. Choose from bacon, eggs of any style, a variety of pancakes and omelettes, different Indonesian classics, French toast and other delicious treats. So don’t worry if you’re out and about for a dawny. Grab a banana and a sweet treat at 6 and be back for more after a great surf!

 Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Food Dinner Cuisine Mud Crab 850 x 567  Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Food Cuisine Healthy 4272 x 2848

Lovely Lunches and Delicious Dinners

For your lunches and dinners, our private chefs prepare daily fresh foods with excellence, taking great care when sourcing locally and internationally to provide you with the highest quality for your dining experience! Our chefs prepare their meals from first-class imported meats and vegetables and local seafood. Choose from different Indonesian as well as Western dishes which include hot foods, such as soups and curries, pastas, pizzas and steaks, mussels, prawn and clam as well as Tuna and many vegetable dishes, or cold plates, such as salads and incredible desserts. Desserts are served both after lunch and dinner, and you can choose from different cakes and biscuits, fruit crumbles, muffins, fresh fruits and more – simply to die for, we assure you! Of course, all meals are freshly prepared for you each day. To accommodate all of our guests, tasty gluten-free and vegan options are always available.

 Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Food Drinks Cocktail Pool 556 x 1024

Just like with our guest arrivals, our food is only delivered twice a week to our lovely, remote island resort. Therefore, we have set menus and food schedules. However, we do, of course, try to accommodate our guest as best as we can. So if nothing on the menu takes your fancy, let us know and we change it. Also, if you’re out surfing during lunch, no worries! We’ll prepare something for you once you’re back and ready.

Delectable Drinks

A variety of coffees, teas and different fruit juices is available every time during the day. In our well-stocked resort bar, you’ll find everything your heart desires! We serve everything from exotic blends and cocktails to delicious imported Australian wines, different liquors, beers and coffees. And if you long for your favourite drink not on our menu, just ask one of our competent bar staff who are always willing to learn new recipes!

Surf Resort Mentawai Islands Kanu Kayak Activities Banner 855 x 330

There’s More than Just Amazing Waves for Surfing!

In and around our lovely island resort, there is plenty more for you to do: We have all sorts of sports and recreational equipment at hand for you to make the most of your time in paradise! So how about you grab one of our SUPs and embark on an exciting Stand Up Paddle board safari along the beautiful island coast? Or how about a snorkeling adventure exploring the colourful underwater world of our stunning lagoon? We’ve also got kayaks, fishing equipment and beach games with which your time with us will simply fly by!

 Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Spa Massage 803 x 470  Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Family Kids Lesson Fun 5104 x 3456

Our packages also include speed boat trips to the nearby village, to go snorkeling or fishing or simply to explore one of many white beaches and azure lagoons close by. We further organize trips to go cliff jumping and do mangrove tours. We also have local guides at hand who happily offer their knowledge and experience should you wish for some advice on the location for a day trip.

Besides all this, we also offer revitalizing Yoga session, have a large swimming pool with sun loungers for you to relax in, Ping Pong & billiard facilities and a beautiful Siniai Spa area for rejuvenating massages from our private, in-house massage therapist.

Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Boat Transfer 960 x 640

Airport – Shuttle – Ferry – Speed Boat – Resort

Transfers from PDG Airport (Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia) to our resort are included in all our package prices. These include the following:

  • Air-conditioned mini-van shuttle from PDG Airport to Ambu Ambu Ferry Port, Bungus Harbor (ca. 1h)
  • Ambu Ambu overnight ferry to Sikakap Port, Mentawai (ca. 14hs)
  • Pick-up in Sikakap Port, Mentawai and speed boat transfer to resort (ca. 1.5hs) – Arrival at resort: 9 am.

Also included are all port handling and fees for luggage and board bags as well as an evening meal, a water bottle and a private, air-conditioned sleeping cabin on board the overnight ferry.

 Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Speed Boat Transfer 960 x 596  Surf Camp Resort Mentawai Islands Cruise Boat Transfer 3008 x 2000

Ferries run twice a week from Ambu Ambu to Sikakap, Tuesdays and Saturdays. In order to make the ferry at 5 pm, we advise you not to get to PDG Airport later than 2 pm. All early arrivals are accommodated at a hotel in Padang and can spend their morning relaxing by the pool.

Flights to PDG Airport are run by Air Asia, Garuda Airlines or Lion Air. If you need help booking your Indonesian domestic flights, please contact one of our surf travel experts for assistance.

In order to get to PDG Airport, your international flight should arrive either at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) in Jakarta, Indonesia or at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What to Take to Your Paradise Getaway!

Here’s a list of useful items to bring along on your trip:

  • Passport (Must be valid for 6 months)
  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Your Surf Gear!
  • Indonesian Rupiah (Local Currency)
  • Tropical Climate Clothing & Flip Flops
  • Light Rain Jacket
  • Swim Wear, Hat & Sunglasses
  • Indonesian Power Adapter (2 Round Pins)
  • Camera, Cables, Chargers, UBS Stick
  • Travel Insurance with Medical Evacuation Coverage

To ensure your safety during your stay with us, it is mandatory for all guests to have travel insurance which covers surfing and includes a Medical Evacuation Coverage. We ask you to bring your insurance details along with you on your surf trip including your printed insurance certificate.

  • Cash to pay Indonesian Visa fee: US $35

First thing upon your arrival will be to pay for your Visa to Indonesia. This is not included in your surf package. Make sure to bring US $35 (or the equivalent in a different currency) along with you in cash to pay the Visa fee.

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