Revisiting the Star Surf Camps Family
Gudi Ferrer

From Surf Camp Guest to Surf Instructor

We’ve caught up with former surf instructor, surf camp videographer and multi-talented legend, Gudi Ferrer.


We first met Gudi in 2012 when he joined us as part of a skateboarding group from Barcelona in our Moliets surf camp. After a week of surf holidaying, Gudi loved the surf camp life so much, he stayed on for the rest of the season to make videos for our camp guests. He barely spoke English then, but returned to Moliets to help us with making videos for the next two surf camp seasons.


In 2015, Gudi got his surf instructor license and started surf teaching for us in our Moliets surf camp. Fast forward another 5 years and Gudi now speaks fluent English and French, he still helps us out with surf lessons every now and again and has an amazing venture of his own!


Watch Gudi teach us about on- and offshore winds in one of our Online Surf School videos! And that’s him on the blue foamie riding an incredible party wave in Moliets! 🌊 🏄🏽

Vanhyde Camper

Hey Everyone, I’m Gudi. After surf instructing for Star Surf Camps for a few years, I spent another couple of years traveling in my camper van. I met lots of people traveling and living in their vans and quickly realized how popular van life was becoming. I started kitting out my own van and helped my friends working on theirs. I really enjoyed it and after learning the basics, I thought I could make a living out of converting vans.


I knew some really talented carpenters in Barcelona. I got a good team together and we started my company, Vanhyde Camper. We now have a garage on the outskirts of Barcelona and been doing up vans for just over a year. We have converted 6 vans which really wasn’t bad for year one!


Besides making functional and practical vans, we’re trying to specialize in design and aesthetics, creating what I like to call “artisanal vans” with light quality wood instead of industrial materials. We always want our vans to feel like a home, creating beautiful living spaces that our customers enjoy on their trips.


We are now working across the whole of Spain and are taking orders from Europe too. I’ve recently finished a van for a French friend. We always try to be fast on our jobs with an eye for detail at competitive prices. Check out our website, Vanhyde Camper, for more info. Looking for inspiration for your own van conversion? We’re sure you’ll find some ideas on our Instagram.


To all surf travelers out there who are interested in converting a camper van, don’t hesitate to contact me! I love talking vans and can help you with any design questions. All former Star Surf Camps guests get a special quote, of course! 😜


Stay safe, Everyone, and hopefully see in the surf this summer!

Your Star Surf Camps Team

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