Choosing the Right
Surf Camp Holidays

Navigating the surf holiday booking jungle

The surf holiday season is upon us. Although this is an exciting time, booking a surf trip can be confusing because there are just so many surf holiday destinations and surf camp providers out there. Where do you start when booking your next surf trip? Which surf camp has everything you want during your surfing holidays? How do you ensure you get the best surf camp to suit your surf level? Here at Star Surf Camps we decided to shed some light on the surf holiday booking jungle with this handy booking guide to picking the right surf camp holidays.




Make sure you have researched the country and area you are interested in visiting before booking your surf trip. There is nothing worse than wanting a relaxing surf holiday and ending up in the middle of a party surf camp or visa versa. Researching different surf spots and breaks can also really mean you get the most out of your surf holiday, if you are a beginner surfer make sure there are plenty of beginner spots.


If this seems like a lot of effort, simple pick up the phone to call one of our surf travel experts. Our team researches surf holiday destinations daily and knows the right questions to ask you to find you exactly what you’re looking for.




Who are you planning on traveling with? Are you going my yourself, travelling with a group of friends or taking your family on an awesome surf trip? Being mindful of who is joining your on your surfing holidays and what you will need because of this is extremely important. If you are taking a family surf trip, make sure the surf camp is family friendly and has activities available to suit both young and old(er).


Our Star Surf Camps website, for example, helps you choose the right surf camp by having a Group Surf Holidays page and a Family Surf Camps page to help you navigate and answer any questions. Looking into the FAQs section of each surf camp page also helps you choose the right surf camp destination for your travel requirements.




Thinking about the time of year is very important. The school holidays are always going to be a busy time wherever you travel to. Late June and all of August are generally the busiest season in any European summer surf camp. If that’s what you’re after, then high season is the right time for you to go. Hot summer days and buzzing nights out and about are guaranteed! If, however, you are looking for something a bit more relaxed, we recommend to avoiding peak season all together.


On each surf camp website, Star Surf Camps indicate the seasonality which should help you ease choosing the right time for your surf holidays. And if you’re still not sure, ping us a quick email or, even quicker, use our Live Chat open to get chatting with one of our surf travel experts.




Some of our returning surf holiday guests find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what their surf level is. Asking yourself the right questions and being honest with yourself about your surf level is the best way to make sure you pick the right surf camp. After all, there’s nothing worse than choosing the wrong surfing level and than not being able to surf at all! Of course, our surf instructors are always on hand and happy to help you figure out what level of ability you are. 


Joe, one of the Star Surf Camps founders, has been a surf coach for almost 10 years. Here’s what he recommends in terms of establishing your surf level:


“If this will be your first time surfing, Level 1 | Beginner is right for you. When on surf holidays with us, our experienced surf team will guide you through the first stages, getting you standing on the surfboard and teaching you vital information about handling yourself in the water. We aim to get you to beaches with small, manageable waves, gradually building your confidence throughout your surf holiday week.

If you’ve surfed a few times before, you certainly have the basics down. Now you want to improve your pop-up and get into the green waves. Level 2 | Beginner/ Intermediate provides the surf coaching you need to get ‘out back’. You’ll learn essential surf etiquette and advice for safety in the water, all the while honing your surf skills towards an intermediate level.

Level 3 | Intermediate is our intensive, intermediate course, the ‘Green Wave Riders’. If you’ve already got your confidence up and are happy in green waves, but you want to perfect your pop-ups, get to grips with a few turns and cutbacks, and generally catch more waves on your sessions, this is the course for you. We will train you to choose safe places to surf, forecast the conditions and feel comfortable going out on your own as an independent surfer.

And, if you’re confident ‘out back’, have a great pop-up, and some basic cut backs and turns, then Level 4 | Advanced is for you. Now you’re looking to advance your surf skills. This course trains you in improving turns, duck diving, positioning, speed, control, cutbacks and a variety of other techniques. Getting to the best waves of the day is essential for this course. Whether that’s a 6am dawnie or a sunset session, our surf coaches will get you to the right beach at the right time to take advantage of the best waves.”



Again, first of all ask yourself, “What do I want?” Are you looking for self-catering or all-inclusive? Apartments, tents, a lodge or surf house? How many surf lessons do you want? How much entertainment to you want? Are you looking for guided excursions or are you happier exploring an area by yourself? Other than surf lessons, would you want to do more exercise like yoga or SUP?


All of Star Surf Camps’ surf camps offer a variety of surf holiday packages to cater for all our surf holiday customer’s needs. Check out our Surf Holiday Packages section on all surf camp pages to find the right package for you. You can even mix & match them! How? Find out here!